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DISKLOCK!!! remember to take IT off...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. or you will end up like this... :(


    rash on engine casing + rash on good fairing + broken rearset bracket + smashed indicator = unrideable :( :( farking hell... :roll:

    please santa a pair of gilles tooling rearsets please!!!

  2. sorry to hear about that...

    How fast did you take off.. that's a lot of damage.

    I once got on to my bike and was about to take off, heard the alarm went off.. sh1t.. I forgot about the disc lock.. nearly stuff it.
  3. 0-5-0 in under a sec... man there was a lot of yellow on the ground. I could hear the faint sound of hundreds of dollars being torn up... :cry:
  4. Jeez mate... stop perving at the Gold Coast beauties when your ready to ride :cool:

    I was worried about such things, so I started putting the disc lock on the back disc. Thieves can just lift a steering and disc locked front wheel and wheel it away on the back. Make it a bit harder for them, steering lock the front and disc lock the back, they have to lift the whole bike then.

    Plus, if you forget then the rear wheel travels less distance before locking that the front, and a rear wheel slow speed lockup is not as bad as a front wheel lockup (just like slow speed cornering, use the rear brake, not the front)

    To remind you the lock is in place, you can go the old fart bright lanyard, or just hook the little bag the disc lock came in over the right hand grip, that'll remind you as soon you try to twist the wrist.

    You'd better check out the disc for damage as well, just to be sure

  5. NNOOOOO....not the trumpy....your precious!!
    Is your bike insured? If so, don't worry about a disc lock...if they really want it they'll get it anyway..
    I don't use disc locks coz i have a bad memory and worry about doing what you have just done....
    buggabugggabugga.... :( :evil:
  6. 1. Are you sure about that?

    2. As has been said already, use a Xena alarm disc lock. As soon as you pick the bike up of the stand it will go off. I feel your pain, (not that I have ever done that, no sir, never, ahem, of course not).....
  7. Bugger.

    I hope Santa also brings you one of those disk lock reminder telephone-cord-type devices that connect to your handlebars.
  8. Yep those reminder straps are definitely worth the $2-$10 you'll pay.
  9. precious may end up a speed four before to long... Well this is the end of disklocks on the front for me. I refuse to use them i am thinking of felt coverd chain for the front. mmm chain... I am seraiously regretting pannels... but once fixed i am investing in all of the skyking range of pannel protectors / rear sliders axle sliders and fork end protectors... maybe even some voodo luck charms to boot..

    I just posted this to wan new people to remember to take the things off...
  10. Saw a bloke on an old GPz900 ride away one day with the lock still on. "Crack" and the lock fell to the ground. Must have been a crap lock.
  11. i put my disc lock on so it sits right behind the brake calliper housing. bike can move about 5 cm before it stops........which happens when manouvering to take off anyway so i've never had an issue yet... no lanyard and the bag for the lock is in the shed somewhere
  12. Ditto, the only thing I'm more paranoid about than having the bike stolen is riding off with the disc lock in place.......
  13. Don't use them, I have insurance :)
  14. I have insurance too, but I'd rather have a fence at the top of the cliff than have an ambulance at the bottom......
  15. Too true. But after meeting some people I have a feeling as a society it is our duty to remove some barriers for these stupid STUPID people...

    For example me and this cromed newly christened paperweight... :wink:
  16. Ouch! :mad:

    This is why I never use em.
  17. Sorry Paul, but that is a poor comparison, if someone steals your bike will you require hospitalization? Maybe the thief will :LOL:

    Is this what you use on your car:
  18. Actually Steve, it is an old proverb that roughly translates that prevention is better than cure..... Insurance get some money back when the bike is stolen, a disc lock might prevent it being stolen in the first place.... that's all.
  19. In the experience of the bikes I've had, yep. The ergonomics of putting the lock on places it where within a quarter turn at most, it hits something.
    Easiest place to fit the lock on the front disc is in front of the calliper, it'll do nearly a whole turn before .. Ooops, bugger, ouch!!!

    Can't fit a disc lock on the rear disc of the cat, holes are too small. But luckily, it's parked either in the secure work garage, or the locked shed at home, wiv the dawg looking after it :twisted:
  20. Well bugger me you're right! (I suppose it had to happen sometime huh) :grin: