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Disk lock

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Moby78, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Ok so I am rather ashamed to have done this for a third time....rode off for a good half metre and bang nearly drop the bike from the sudden stop.

    Left the disk lock on. :-s In a carpark with one person watching. Bike was about six inches from handle to ground though managed to keep it upright.

    Thumb and knee still very sore after two days rest.

    If you use one please remember to check EVERYTIME.

    Not really a near miss but it is in its own kinda way.
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  2. Definition of stupidity - doing the same thing over but expecting a different result...buy a reminder cable!

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  3. Or buy an alarmed lock! i have a xena on mine, no chances of riding away with it on as soon as you touch the bike it goes off. would also prevent dicks from sitting on it while its parked because its loud and scary.
  4. ^ +10
    Normal lock is hardly an inconvenience for me if I want your bike.
    Takes me all of two seconds to put your front wheel on my skateboard and wheel your bike away a little to completely remove it.
    The Zena screamer alarms were about a buck twenty.
  5. stop using a disk lock

    hope this helps, cheers
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  6. Pick up a reminder cable from a bike shop. They only cost about $10 and are just a bright orange cable that runs from your disc lock to your bars - reminding you that your disc lock is on.
  7. Might just use it at home.

    No garage to lock up in.

    Do not want to drop the new bike(when I get it).
  8. They will only deter someone who would not normally steal your bike.
    The screamers are good for over nighters. And then again the thief might not see it either and drop the bike trying to wheel it away and wake you lol.
    I suggest a 5/10 over and under with bird shot. You wont kill him but he will have an eternal reminder.
  9. Hmm can you supply guns?

    I am willing to put up a reasonable price to shoot mofos.
  10. Or a $2,000 bike that no-one wants to steal ... and / or park in Upwey :)
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  11. At least we know that a disc lock will stop someone from riding off on it.

    If only bike thieves were of the hot wire and ride away mentality rather than the put it on a ute and carry it away mentality.
  12. Unless it's like mine... after 2 sets of batteries (that came with the lock) expired, I went to Battery World for more (6)... they worked for 1 week but now I have a "silent" alarmed disc lock. Haven't bothered with a reminder cord as yet and touch wood; have always removed it as it is part of my normal pre-flight routine.
  13. I bought the Xena disk lock.
    The alarm bit was purely to warn me, the lock bit purely to deter morons. Anyone really wants my bike and they will get it. But if I am going to worry that much, I might as well have bought a truck. Or a scooter.
  14. here's a tip, something i do

    i bought a plastic luggage tag for 2 bucks. i wrote on it "if alarm is going off please call me on bla bla bla". but that wasn't the main reason for the purchase. i wrap it around the steering column so that the tag covers the ignition. this always gave me a reminder before i could start the bike up that the disc lock was on.
  15. I bought a xena once. Way over sensitive. Would go off without even moving. battery went flat in days.
  16. At least you didn't do what I did a couple of years ago. Snapped the disk lock shut in the car park behind the hotel at Walcha only to realise, a split second afterwards, that the key was hanging on the key rack in my kitchen in Wollongong. Have been paid out about that ever since.
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  17. i tried taking off with my disk lock on a few months back after getting a tooth removed (hey, at least i had a decent excuse) and ever since there's been a tap noise in the bearing :'(
  18. Been there, done that, smashed caliper off.

  19. I have insurance.
    Anyone who wants to take my bike and succeeds just helps me get a new one.

    Reasonable precautions taken, but if they really want it, they will find a way to just take it
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  20. I didn't know they sold disc locks without reminder cables. I'd never trust myself without one.

    Putting mine on the new bike and I'm looping the cable over the handlebar and my wife says: What's that? I say: It's to stop people stealing the bike. She says: Won't they just cut the plastic?