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Disgusting? Pathetic? Yes, yes it is...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by benni boi, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. Alright im going to have a whinge, and few will understand, or be able to empathise with my situation.
    It started a rainy day in south-Port Tasmania down at my mums boy-friends, got up around 10, had shower blah blah, was very happy because i knew we had Austar there (same as foxtel) AND i had a keg of beer on the temprite with proper gas!
    Everything seemed wonderful when mum said we were leaving early at 12 when the Racing first started, anyway PRESUMING i couyld wathc it at home, i chucked on the L's and drove home (in the cage) incredibly eager tog et home and park myself on the couch.
    Halfway there the temp. starts rising and is soon at boiling point, bloody cars i thought neway some blokes pulled over fitted a couple hoses, and off we went. Anyway for the next 2 hours we were sitting on 80 driving home, great i thought RUIN my day of the FIRSt motoGP i've actually REALLY wanted to see.

    But luck was on my side cause i knew we'd still amke it home intime for me to catch the end :D. Anyway arrived home safely, bring in the luggage put beers in fridge, park my ass on the couch, switched on the TV (Tassie only has 2 main stations if you can't afford digital), Southern Cross (channel 10 and 7) wasn't on there so switched to Southern Cross where a ad-break was on i sat there waiting, on came....... FOOTBALL, BLOODY FOOTBALL!!!...

    My day was ruined, and i still don't know who won because i have been sitting here taking todays frusturations out on violent shooting games pretending each one is a Tasmanian tv producer.
    I think tis pathetic that this race wasn't shown, one mroe thing that annoys me about Tassie :twisted:

    Really slack i rekon, did you guys ahve it inter-state? what are your thoughts? should afternoon movie replace something liek this?

    sorri, but sir, thats bullshit :evil: :p
  2. Well don't knock yourself out.
    The motogp is in october so you haven't missed it.
  3. Doesn't tassie get the coverage tonight or tomorrow night? From memory tasweigens were shown the race on a Monday night.

    We had poxsmell coverage here. My 3 year old with attitude had hijacked the TV so it was either watch "Dora the explorer" or piss fart around on the net. As much as I love my daughter, I spent the duration of the first race and the SS race surfing photography webfrights. I watched the second race though.

    She comes in just as the second race is about to start and says, "Listen, you can watch tv now daddy" and shes ONLY 3!!!!!!!
  4. Hey Benni time to move to the mainland! Foxtel had it on sports 2 from 11.30am until after everyone had crashed out & Troy took out the race even though he crossed the line second!
  5. MotoGP season starts Sunday April 10th...so you haven't missed that, but you did miss the SBK's.
  6. Channel Seriously has a 2 hour replay next weekend :facepalm: No wonder it's known as your home of delayed motorsport ](*,)

    But as mentioned, those of us with Foxtel/Optus or Austart had 5 1/2 hours live and unfortunately that shot of the group (thought the bucket hat looked familiar, just didn't know the faces of those around it).
  7. i called it the MotoGP neway :p

    I just think that it should have been shown since it was at Philip Island.

    And Bong Girl, i moved over here 2 years ago :( wish i was back on the "Main-Land" as everyone calls it here :D
  8. You said that you had Austar. Fox sports 2 had it for most of the day, so you should have seen it on Austar. Maybe the coat hanger in the back of the TV needs tweaking? :wink:
  9. yeah come back to australia.....get out of that foriegn country... :p
  10. Or... do like I did, instead of watching someone else having fun on TV, I went out to Baskerville and had a bit of fun myself 8)

    Yeah, TV sucks royal arse in TAs, but I don't watch it much at all, so isn't a great concern to me.


  11. Ha ha ha ha he called you "BONG" girl! :D :p :D :shock:

    Anyways, why go to the north island when the roads are so good here?
    Why go to "revenue central" when there are no tollways here?
    Why go to "were the RTA and we want to get rid of bikes" when the Govt here is (currently) more reasonable?

    Nah mate, they can have the Idiot box, I'd rather go for a ride on the good days, and tinker in the shed on wet days anytime.

    Tv is eeeevvil :evil: eeeevvvviiillll I tell you!

  12. I recorded it last night on one of those old fashioned video thingies.

    If you still want to see it I can send it over for you.
  13. So you spend a LOT of time in the shed then :LOL: :D :p
  14. Rather than showing the SBK's, channel 10 decided to put on some crap that has some guy going around the world looking for a cup of coffee; amongst other crap. How exciting. :?
  15. Do what I did. Foxtel with two decoder boxes. Mrs Nodz can watch her progs, while kids watch the other. When the SBKs or MotoGP comes on then turf the kids off, tell them go play with their toys and use their imagination, while I watch TV while burning straight to DVD...:LOL:...what problem?
  16. Got the same at my place except the front of house box feeds three TV's.

    The Lounge VCR, DVD & Foxtel box feed the main TV as well as two others so you can wander around the house and keep up with what's going on.

    Great for those nights when the Moto GP & WSB are on at the same time so you have 8 hours of bike action live.
  17. Hopefully, shouldn't have the MotoGP and WSBKs clashing on the same night. Read an article of an interview with the owners of WSBKs (two Italians), they've based the '05 schedule of WSBKs around the MotoGP calender, so none or very few fall on the same date.
  18. The good thing about the clash nights was it kept the crap between races down to bugger all so it was almost wall to wall races.
  19. We didn't get it here in Canberra, not that I could find anyway... watched that guy going on about coffee for a bit til I fell asleep from boredom