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Discussion, men only (no, seriously)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by takagawa, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Okay guys, important question. You know how there's these studies and crap about how riding push bikes umm screw up your fertility, how do motorcycles fit in all of this.

    I've been on long rides that just make sitting any longer unbearable. The vibrations caused by the engine after long periods of time can't be healthy. I know some of you's have spawned enough kids and don't much care about that anymore, but men like me in the young age of 20 sometimes still ponder these things ;p.

    So am I the only one who thinks about it, or are there others alike who do as well.

  2. Been riding for years, commute most days.
    I'm 40 and my wife is preggers.
    That answer your question?
  3. Until juniors born and s/he looks like you, maybe not :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I thought it was the seat design on the pushies that caused this???? If so, then motorcycle seats and nothing like them and give a lot more broad range support in width etc.
  5. The gene pool is no doubt better off without my contribution anyway.

    I'd say I'd me more at risk of this than from a bike, but honestly neither is a concern......and definitely wasn't when I was 20. Probably would have had less reason for stress if I was infertile.

    Riding a bike is a far more enjoyable way to become infertile rather than other potential causes. :shock:

    If it is really a concern for you takagawa perhaps you should invest in your future.
  6. froflmao!
  7. I reckon junior would be better off looking like Tina and not like smee! :p
  8. Bastards both of you
  9. Nah not really. I was wondering if it concerned anyone else :D.
  10. ROFLMAO! (at the whole thread)

    Ok, now i got that out of my system; as mouth said, afaik its the single point of pressure on the downstairs department that is said to cause damage from the push bike seats. Imagine how sterile those olympic pushie racers would be! Those seats are wedged in there! :wink:
    If anything the vibrations would be just like a little back massage for... well use your imagination.
  11. ROFL awww dude :LOL:
  12. dont worry.. it only affects the firestorm riders :p

    and ur zzr needs a service (and a more comfy seat definitely) ;)
  13. Amen to that :p :)