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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ljiljan, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. May not belong here, but I figured it would be more here than politics.


  2. SES??? Slow n Easy Sex machine?
  3. Not really much to discuss is there?
  4. The safety power of Fluro negates anything else happening in this pic.

    Nothing to see here.
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  5. maybe a little risque fo "the lighter side" forum.

    not quite sure where it does belong though.
    not quite gay enough for "the den"
  6. The other side of it is she makes roads, so clearly, she knows how safe they are as well.

  7. The vibrator is obviously on,you can tell by the grin.
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  8. trees dont look blurry. Is she moving?
  9. If those trees are not blurry I'd love to check out the trees in your area. And bring a bunch of biologists with me.

    She was doing 120, so nothing extreme.
  10. Its very tree-ey here so yeah....they do look like that!
  11. women should never have been allowed to drive cars anyway.
    i think since 1975 in Aus.
    and should be repealed.

    but seeing as women are allowed to hold drivers licences, then well, that's what you get.
    build a bridge. get over it. sign of the times.
  12. The phone should be plugged in - it will run out of battery. That is a very bad situation. There is NOTHING worst than running out of battery during a call. I mean, it is just rude. I hate people who drop out because they ran out of battery.

    I am also very concerned about that beer. I mean, it will get warm, and it looks Mexican. Where is the lime.

    Send this to Ray Hadley, serious beer abuse right there.

    Is she hot? Can't really tell, maybe not her best angle?
  13. Is that window tinted? Isn't that illegal?
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  14. #15 smileedude, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    Never buy beer in a clear bottle. Light spoils beer hence why it is normally sold in brown bottles. Clear bottles market better but to cope they need to put extra preservative in it.

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  15. Hang on where is the food theres no burger ???
  16. i don't think that's beer, on closer inspection it looks like cider, the 5 seeds cider, if you have a look at the label, it kinda looks similar, plus it looks fizzy

    ciggie, phone, cider and driving with your knee, so its true girls can multitask better than blokes.
  17. I have it on good authority it was the new low carb 4X. I thought it was 5 seeds too.
  18. Is that a ciggy in her top fingers holding the beer? Those things'll kill you and those passively smoking around you.

    I'm not really into fashion, but I think those sunnies are a bit austentatious.