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Discs - What to get

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by christophe, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I need some help choosing discs/pads for my CBR 250RR.

    I don't need anything hardcore ( I'm still learning and far from trackdays etc.) and the cheaper the price the better. But I still want something which will stop me and won't shatter/warp.

    My range seem to go from $800 for the pair (OEM), to $320 metal gear (http://metalgear.com.au/mgear-brake-disc-front-leftright-p-6293.html) to $200 for the pair on ebay?

    If anybody has any experience and can help out it would be appreciated!!

  2. Have heard good things about Galfer discs, should cost less than OEM.
  3. i wouldn't buy the cheap stuff from ebay [the listings from china]. they aren't made to good enough tolerance.
    the metalgear ones are decent for the price, but yeh galfer are good if you have the $$$

    on the cbr250 you wouldn't really need the galfers though, I reckon go with metalgear
  4. Have had three sets for the sports bikes from s3 performance on e-bak.

    Good price, no problems.
  5. rocky mountain Ebc discs at reasonable price,just got some for my zx9.
  6. have a metalgear disc on the DR650, quite a good piece of kit but i don't think it likes the pads the mechanic put in.
  7. I'm running Galfers at the moment which you should be able to get at a good price through Bike Gear Warehouse, the alternative was S3, which I've heard many good first hand reports about.

    The only reason I went with Galfer over the S3's is the brand name & they came on sale at the right time.
  8. If you don't plan on keeping the bike long, get chinese discs. If not get metalgear.
  9. Metalgear on the rear recently and no issues with it. Their ebay shop may not be cheaper than buying through their web site - compare the prices.
  10. Let me tell you something about the quality of chinese metal

    It sucks ass

    this is what happened to me last week

    I went and bought trojan 750mm bolt cutters from bunnings

    I was cutting 8mm steel reinforcing bars with it

    I BROKE the bolt cutters within 30 minutes of use - snapped the hinge part clean in two - the metal just gave way and couldn't cut the aussie made reo bars

    All I was doing was cutting reo bar into smaller lengths to use as formwork pegs for some concreting I was doing

    Chinese metal sucks ass
  11. MetalGear brake pads are pretty good. Picked some up from their eBay store from Brendale, QLD. Office is run by chicks! :p

    Find out for yourself if they are hot or not! :p
  12. Would you want to buy a bike without knowing it has inferior brake pads? Hardly the spirit of our community.
  13. last time i was there (a year back) they were not hot, and not likely to get there without the aid of a 6pack or two

    as for the OP, i have metalgear rotors front and rear on my cbr250 and they're definitely worth the coin. get decent pads and braided lines too. bugger that "i'm a noob and don't need good brakes" guff. you're a motorcyclist. you need good brakes. personally i have goodridge lines and ebc hh pads (bought from UK shitloads cheaper than local prices)
  14. +1 on the S3 discs, great quality, 420 stainless, and great price..
  15. I've been thinking about upgrading my brakes but fairly useless mechanically.
    If you buy disks/pads online do workshops fit for the cost of labor or insist you buy parts through them?

    I've had this issue in the past where I took a chain/sprockets in when I got a service and they were fairly pissed I didn't buy parts through them...

    Can anyone recommend someone to fit this stuff that doesn't charge like crazy. I'm new to Syd.
  16. Just install them yourself and save even more money
  17. yeah bud, most places get pissed at that because they make money off the sale.
    if you have gear yourself (tools and paddock stands or suitable alternative) definitely give it a go yourself, there's nothing difficult about replacing either pads or rotors.
    bike shop labour costs are horrendous!
  18. labour is getting up around $100 an hour! (inc GST)
    just wait til they add f uckin carbon tax...

    any way, how much do these discs cost (OEM compared to aftermarket?)
    for a 600RR.

    takami= china can make awesome stuff, if its under license etc.
    i had a chinese pushbike (Merida) was an absolute beast, no matter how hard i tried to break it, it just wanted more.

    china will be making good motor bikes in 5-10 years!
  19. Hey guys,

    Sorry for the long responce, thanks for all your help. I got the s3 discs. Will let you know how it goes!!

    Also should I replace the pads as well (they look like they have heaps of meat). To clarfify i am replacing the discs due to bad shuddering when breaking.