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discriminatory parking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by henry, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. ride a motorbike to work and I pay as much as a person who drives a car to park at my place of employment. The carpark is private, but is the only one there. My motorbike is a registered vehicle.
    I recieved a parking ticket today for $25, as did some of my co-workers. The ticket said that I had been warned about parking in a car bay. I had not been warned at all. They also cancelled my card to enter and exit the parking lot. It has since been renewed.
    There are motorcycle bays in the far unused corner of the parking lot. I pay as much as a person who owns a four wheeled vehicle for a parking space, but I do not get the service of a four wheeled vehicle because my registered vehicle has only two wheels. Even though I am paying for that service.
    Also the motorcycle bays are far to small. If a bike parks beside you it's a really tight squeeze to mount ans dismount. If you make a mistake then the bike will crush you onto the next bike. there is no leverage to stop your bike falling onto you and no escape.
    The ACCC won't do anything and you have to fit into certain catagories for anti discrimination laws to help.
    • sex
    • relationship or parental status
    • race
    • religious belief or activity
    • political belief or activity
    • impairment
    • trade union activity
    • lawful sexual activity
    • pregnancy
    • breastfeeding needs
    • family responsibilities
    Any-one else is fair game.
    the only option we have been given is to take it to the small claims court.
    Any-one got any advice?

  2. Ahhhhhh.....
    I had this same issue with a security gaurd at SAKATA.....
    he came barrelling down on me one arvo, yelling and carrying on....
    "you can't park there, it's for cars!"

    Then he proceeded to tell me I had to park out near the front gate..... bull dust I am.
    No way on earth was I parking my bike out near the front gate. I went to management and complained, they did not understand why I was upset, since the spot they want me to park in is undercover.....who cares if its undercover if it's not secure and safe.
    I argued my point about being treated differently than the car drivers...discrimination and the like!
    I do not work at SAKATA anymore...they have not called me back to work since :(
    They say they have no work ATM.
    Typical american crap company..owned by pepsi..lets all boycott pepsi and all their products :p
  3. What are the terms and conditions? I has to specifically instruct you that parking laws apply to fine you and direct motorcycles or 2 wheeled vehicles to spaces specifically provided (or words to that effect) Small claims is fine but you're not going to be welcome there.
  4. Bah. It's an underground carpark, park in one of the other corners that don't fit a car, but a bike can fit in comfortably, if you really don't want to park in the marked bike areas.

    The wife had a similar thing at her work, and it was highly understandable. Limited parking, trying to fit in as many people as possible. Bikes can fit in other places than a marked car space.
  5. henry, that sounds like a load of crap.

    If they insist you park in a smaller spot then you should get a reduced rate, but hey life isn't always fair.

    I would write a letter of complaint to the firm and see what happens.
  6. i don't understand your position. i think it's fair that car parks in victoria are for cars since we're allowed to park where we please. couldn't you just park right next to the front door of the building more or less?
  7. in over two years of riding at least twice per day i always found a nook to put the bike. its amazing how many nooks there are. i never, ever parked in a spot fit for a car. be creative im sure theres a spot for your bike somewhere.

    however, i think what happened to u is wrong and dont let them get away with it!

    descrimination, go for impaired or religous belief [u must not use car cause earth damage is against ur religon]

    sorry i cant be of more help. im sure there's a way.
  8. Henry the way i see it you have two diferent issues here.

    1) it is a private car park so they prety much can make up any rules they want (But have to inform you resonable (And have proof therein) before taking any action)
    2) it is a private car park therefore they can not serve you with an infringment notice. (Thus your $25 ticket isn't worth the paper it is printed on)

    This is my understanding, but if in doubt call your local comunity legle center and see if they can help clear up your rights and responcibilities on the issue.
  9. Exactly my arguement, I understood that they try and provide space for all the employees cars, but they don't allow me to park near the door, canteen or anywhere that is out of the way, other than out near the front gate...... which is very easy for someone to pullup and load my bike onto a trailer or in a van/ute and be gone. The security gaurd does rounds every hour...so he leaves the front gate unattended for 20 minutes every hour, plus the times he is in the staff room on his break, thats my issue...my bike is not safe or secure near the gate.
    If I had of drove my car that day, I would have used a car space, so what difference does it make to them.... x amount of employees should amount to x amount of car spaces. Regardless of the mode of transport I choose, I should be entitled to park my bike in a safe environment, like the rest of the employees in cars get to park in the safety of a secure carpark.
  10. Caz, in all fariness... I don't think thieves are interested in your virago! Your bike, like mine, is deeply, deeply undesirable. It's the best insurance of all.
  11. I understand that Loz.....
    but thats not the point.
    Why should I be treated differently than other employees?
    Why can't I park my bike in the carpark...in the corner..or near the fire exit door at the wharehouse?
    Its a matter of principal.

    There are plenty of nooks and crannies for me to squeeze into, they just chose to be pig headed about it. Out near the gate, or not at all.

    Anyway.... I kinda like this "lady of leisure" thing for the moment :)
  12. u can't park near a fire exit! that's crazy!
  13. If you pay the same then you should have the same rights.

    Write to the car park management. You don't say what state you are in but I would suggest you contact your local motorcycling organisation and speak to them. Get them to take this up as well.
  14. I pay $2.50 to park in a public Wilson Parking car park in the city in Adelaide.
    Their rules are:
    Cars pay full fare & must park in a car park
    Motorcycles pay $2.50 & can park anywhere that a car won't fit.

    it's secure & undercover.
  15. I would've thought that due to our "write-in" on the census that motorcycles were considered a religion now.

    Anyway, the security guard is being very unreasonable and uncompromising. If management can't see that you'll be saving them money by parking in a nook at a discount rate, then they shouldn't be in business in the first place.
  16. Is it your company's car-park? Or a another entity owns it and your co. has an arrangment with them?

    If the place was full and you were occupying a space where you can park somewhere else - I understand what they're trying to do. And while it might sorta suck and you want to stand up for your rights and sue the pants off someone: maybe you're allowed to park super close to the exit/pedestrian entrance and that makes it more convenient.

    On the other hand, if it's just a policy and there's plenty of spaces anyway: don't pay the fine. Write a letter.
    Perhaps also speak to your boss - if the company has an arrangement with the car-park, maybe your boss can pull a string or two.

    I assume you're a good worker and he wants to look after you if youv'e got a problem :)
  17. Private car park operators can make agreements with their local council to have them patrol their private parking and issue tickets accordingly.
    Regardless, in this case it's a trumped-up case. You could report the parking attendant or parking company to your local EPA for littering, but that's about the extent.
    Their car park, their laws.
  18. The tickets were revoked because we didn't recieve the warnings, but we still have to park in the motorcycle bays.
    If we park outside of the bike zone we will be ticketed and blacklisted. A couple of my workmates recieved warnings about parking in nooks and crannies. There is no undercover parking, and the sun can get pretty strong up here. The company says that there are motorcycle tie-downs. There are tie-downs for 6 bays, but there are 18 bays. There is a tie-down on a seventh bay, but unless you want to park with the nose downhill, then you won't reach it.

    My point is that my vehicle is registered and I pay the same amount as a car. I should have the same rights as a car, or at least a decent place to park.
  19. Tell them that sure, you'll park there. As long as they widen the area so you can all fit.

    Demonstrate that having the bays so small poses a risk to your personal property and that of others as well. Heck, get a petition going with the other riders!