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Discrimination Because I Ride A Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Been only riding for a few monthsos a new rider but wandering if what happened today is going to be the norm???

    With a break in the rain, decided to go for a quick ride just after lunch so thought I'd just go to my father's cemetery at Springvale for a visit.
    Got to the Mausoleum area and parked in the park bay provided and noticed some big guy looking towards me but didn't thing anything of it.
    Went to my fathers grave then on return, found this guy who had driven his car near my bike just standing there. As I was putting on my gear, he was still looking at me so I asked him if I was doing anything wrong.

    Then he started.
    You blokes shouldn't be allowed in here and should stay out.
    You're nothing but trouble and I'm making sure you leave here without causing trouble and went on and on.

    I was dumbfounded and said "you are not serious are you?"

    He replied "quicker you get out the better and was waiting for me to leave".
    Still couldn't believe it and said to him "You are dumb as you are fat!"
    He started about bikes making too much noise so I replied "don't worry, I'm sure none of the residents will wake up".

    Now not that this should make any difference but honestly, I ride a gs500f with stock exhaust quieter that many cars. I'm 47, was wearing enduro style jacket and did take my hemet off so I think I'm a pretty simple looking rider.

    Called him a hypocrite and rode off as he really wasn't worth the effort...

    I was wondering if other riders have experienced this sort of discrimination just because you ride a bike?
  2. Did you ask him why he felt it necessary to abuse those who are grieving or paying their respects?

    What a twot!
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  3. No, never any in twenty years of riding. However I am pretty self-absorbed so I may not have noticed. :wink:
  4. I'd think a confrontation like that is a very one-off. Even if a lot of people think that the world should be how they want (no bikes or whatever they have a sook over) only a real ******** or dumbass would say something about it.
  5. Still can't believe it actually happened.
    I know there's been issues at servos with helmet removal but this is different.
    Probably just came across the idiot of the month.
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  6. nah, i get it a lot in various forms...unfortunately there are some people who really really hate motorbikes... even to the point of genuinely attempting to harm you on the road.

    one thing in particular that has annoyed me in the past is being descriminated against in job interviews
  7. That is pathetic. And in reply to your question - No, it is not in the norm from my experience. I hope you don't experience it again.
  8. You should have told him you were visiting your last victim then just hopped on the bike and left.
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  9. That's astonishing and highly unusual. consider making a formal complaint. IMO you stand a good chance of getting him sacked for such outrageous conduct.
  10. This bloke wasn't a worker there, just someone else visiting I suppose.
    I told staff member there and he said I can go there in any way I wish.
  11. I have come across a few (a very few) people with this attitude towards bikes over the last 30 years, maybe one a decade.

    They are rare but they are out there.
  12. maybe he lost his son to a motorcycle accident and was there visiting him, probably holds a grudge on bikes cause of it
  13. The bloke probably recently had someone very close pass away, so he was grieving himself. An strong state of grief/frustration/stress would lessen his inhibitions to vocalise his little pet hates.
    Perhaps his relative was recently killed by a bikie gang? who knows...
  14. My dad now resides at the Crem and I have never had any trouble from the living or the dead when visiting him, but I have been abused at Fountain Gate shopping centre, once for parking on the path near the door (legal in Vic) and believe it or not once for parking in a car park, (this old codger told me bikes shouldn't be allowed to park in car spots because we waste too much space..... I just put my helmet on and make hand signals like I can't hear them.......seems to piss them off just right
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  15. I think you may of just found a 'special' individual. I've met one of these before, for some reason (maybe their Mother didn't love them) they find it necessary to go out of their way to tell you how much of a blight on society you are.

    Just ignore them, they are pathetic, weak excuses for human beings. And luckly, they are a tiny minority.
  16. I'd tell him everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I'll visit this cemetery however I damn well please; and chalk his attitude up to mental illness.
  17. That is very odd indeed and hope you don't come across anything like it again.

    On 2nd note I think the other guy got let off lightly.
  18. One day this knob will say the wrong thing to a patch club member.
    THAT outcome will be most interesting!
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  19. Funny this should come up, I had my first real run in about a month ago. I got up on a Saturday morning to find the missus out with the kids (bless her) but that left me a dilemma for breakfast.

    Jumped on the bike went down to the local coffee club, as I was getting off I noticed a bloke giving me the ole crazy eyes and as I was walking inside noticed he was checking out the bike.

    Having ordered I decided to eat outside so I could keep an eye on the bike and sure enough no sooner had my eggs been served I had this punter in my face telling me how bikes are evil and kill people etc etc I was just about to stand up when security arrived and escorted the gent away, but even from 20 feet I could still hear him yelling at the security folks how us bikers where a bad influence and that they should have been kicking me out instead.

    I laughed about it more then anything else, but in ten years I think thats the first real run in like that I've had out of the blue.
  20. I have had this once at a primary school.

    Dropping my son off, and parked in a bay so he could hop off safely and no sooner had he walked down to class than a parent crossed the carpark to tell me for taking up a car spot.

    I told her off for setting a bad example crossing the car park outside the paths (against the rules).

    And then asked her if it would
    Be better to park in a spot my son could get hit as he got Off the bike.

    She was just pissy about waiting 30secs for a spot.

    Idiots Are everywhere !