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Discontinued Yamaha XVS1100

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Big W, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I was oogling the XVS650 Bobber concept bike at the 'cycle show last weekend & asked if the kit were available for the XVS1100.

    Unfortunatly I was told that Yamaha has discontinued this bike for the Aussie market. Bit of a shame really, seems to be a good & popular bike. The only other cruisers similar were those of the Classic styling, but don't really the sweeping guards, floorboards etc.

    Oh, well, I guess pace the search begins for an 1100...
  2. I still wouldn't hesitate to buy it. Parts will be available for a long time for these.
  3. Still a showdown between the XVS1100 & the Suzi M50 (like the styling of the M50 over the 109).
  4. Can you still get M90's in Aus? Might be a closer compare in stump pulling terms.
  5. i had the M50 great bike just not the most comfortable
  6. the XVS950 is the go to bike when the 1100 is gone.
  7. Really, Never heard of 'em being uncomfortable. Anyone else reckon that??
  8. i got the C50, not much diff, very comfortable
  9. The stock seat will pulverise your tail bone. A decent replacement seat is a must in my opinion. Went with a saddlemen explorer myself.
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  10. Great advice, thanks. Was looking at buying one of these bikes and thought the only 'real' mod needed was the pipes!

    Can you get these seats as a single?
  11. Good Day... Had a loan of a 2009 V Star 1100 then turned around and purchased a V Star1300 without a test ride for the foll reasons. Bigger brakes, belt drive, f and r same tyre size, liquid cooled, speedo etc on handle bars, better headlight and frame 50 mm longer etc etc Collected the bike 3 weeks later and the smile has never left my face! 1200 km and loving it.
  12. I would say that the XVS1300 will be around a long time, I have had mine since the fall of 2009, it gets great fuel mileage and the engine has loads of hidden power when you start customizing the fuel system. A buddy of mine had the 1100 a couple of years ago, sadly he was in a hit and run, the insurance paid to fix the bike but he then stopped riding and sold it.

    If I saw another one at a good price I would buy it just because its so classic looking, but I must admit I'm a dedicated fan of water cooling and fuel injection.