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Disconcerted & Curious

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Hubie75, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Weighing up the risk

  2. Just curious

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  1. G'day all, I'm interested to read some replies to the statement that follows;

    After answering so many questions on the 'Ask Hubie' thread (getting RSI now!!), I am beginning to see what seems like a pattern of questions designed for the purpose of weighing up the risk. That is, asking how much is the fine and points if I do this?

    It seems to me that alot of these questions are being asked so as to 'take the chance' based on the penalty to be imposed should someone get caught.

    Or perhaps I am wrong and it is just curiosity?

    I'd love to hear your comments/opinions on this one and have added a poll for anonymity.


  2. I think you can find out what the fines are for any offence on the RTA (NSW) web-site, and I'd guess the same applies for other states. But if my experience in the ministry is anything to go by, people usually ask those sorts of questions in the hope that you'll 'give them permission' to go ahead :LOL:.
  3. hahaha

    what they really want to hear is not so much "go ahead" but "if you do the reefton between 12 and 1 on tuesday, there won't be any coppers up there"
  4. Seeking to clarify.
  5. people seeking to clarify stuff, in the opinion of the cops around here, are all planning to do something illegal. Both options in the poll are the same thing in my opinion. It's a bit like putting a wet paint sign down. If you tell people not to do something, they'll do it just out of spite. The question is not "just want to clarify", it is I know it's wrong, but I want to find out how much trouble i'll get in (the risk evaluation bit).

    Hmm, two posts about working above redfern police station in one day ;)
  6. How much is the fine and how many demerit points do I lose if I run over my neighbour's cat that likes to pee on my bike cover? :wink:

    I reckon it's people seeking to clarify punishments for certain rules, so they know how much they can afford to speed by.
  7. *person is riding down road and sees a flash... looks down - "oh, I'm doing 12k's over the limit. Sure hope I don't get a letter from the SDRO."*

    Person hops on the internet to find out what they might be up for if they got flashed.

    "I can't be bothered to google it myself, I'll just ask Netrider."

    -An Ask Hubie thread is born.
  8. +1

    I have yet to work out how so many people are able to post here but have no idea how to use a search engine. :LOL:
  9. Definitely weighing up the risk. I've 'weighed up' the risk of taking a pillion without a full license, the risk of riding a bike bigger than I'm allowed to, the risk of riding something unregistered, etc.

    If the consequences for doing these (eg. not insured, points, fines, suspensions) weren't there, I'd certainly do them. Eg. if insurance companies cover you for riding something you're not licensed for, and if the penalty for getting caught riding something you're not licensed to was only a small fine, I'd definitely ride a bigger bike without being licensed for it.

    But as it stands, its not worth the risk for any of the above with current consequences, imo.
  10. "A little from column A, a little from column B"
  11. I'd wager a good guess that it's all down to the age-old tussle between authority and personal liberty.

    People know that certain things are illegal, but they also know that many illegal things are not really dangerous, and so resent those that enforce such laws as if they were Robocop personified.

    It then comes down to people's curiosity as to how much leeway, if any, exists in the human factor of the police with respect to the enforcement of the law.

    The answer, formally of course, is zero leeway. Informally, it all comes down to the attitude of both the officer and the offender.

    Nobody likes their personal freedoms curtailed, especially those which are fun. The "Ask Hubie" section is a bit like kids poking a dog with a stick to find out just where the limits are. In reality, they know the dog bites, but half the fun is finding out when.