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Discoloured pipes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. OK, this has probably been asked before but please bear with me.
    All my bikes I had back in the 70's and 80's had chromed exhaust pipes. Usually the chrome was of high quality and it stayed looking good with a bit of care, and was a feature of the bike's looks.
    With the Hornet, because it is based on a bike with a fairing, where the pipes between the engine and the muffler are not seen, the pipes are a dingy yellow-grey colour, and, in my opnion, detract from the looks of the bike.
    SOO..... can anything be done to improve the looks of said pipes? I don't want to replace them, the muffler itself has a nice chrome cover, which also I want to leave standard.

  2. Have a look at JET-HOT

    Is that what you're after?

  3. I had mild steel pipes on one of my bikes, and they began to discolor. I sprayed them with high temperature paint. The stuff at Supercheap - "VHT" I think - was useless and I used a barbeque paint from Rustoleum. It comes in almond, black, silver, green and white (Paint Spot can get it - it isn't a stock item). It wasn't a permanent fix, but it was much better than the VHT stuff.


    Any paint tough enough to take the heat of an exhaust will require curing to a hard surface, with very little flexibility.The trouble with any paint over a single-skin header pipe is that the expansion of the pipe cracks the paint.

    A better approach would be to get the headers nickel-coated. The result is a silver finish, but it is cheaper than chrome and gives a more matt finish. I prefer the more subdues look of nickel.
  4. Hey, man, that stuff looks Jet-Hot, I'll send them an email and find out where to get the stuff! Thanks!!
  5. When you find out, be sure to post it here! jet-hot looks good.
  6. The blue finish would be rooly l337 on ya hornet moight.

    fooly sik moight

  7. rice-boy bike????
  8. 1f y0u C4N R34D 7h15 y0u R3411y N33D 4 R007

  9. I can, and I do :roll:

  10. I used high temperature paint on my exhausts. Working the the basis that the most expensive stuff might just be the best (and without any knowledge on the subject), I sprayed my exhausts following the instructions very carefully.

    They came up just lurverly, and still look good now. Highly recommended.
  11. You can't purchase Jet Hot coatings. You have to send the parts to them & they use a special proccess to coat your parts. It is actually a ceramic coating. There is another place that uses a similar proccess but for the life of me I can't think of thier name. I think it may be HPC or something along those lines. Any drag racer will be able to tell you
  12. Different matter altogether

    Well, now, that's different, I'm not sure I could bear to have the mighty Hornet not rideable while this was being done, will have to think about it, thanks for the info, pal
  13. Looks like a great product that Jet-hot coating, my blackbird has already changed colour after 1,500k's.
  14. I've sent them an email to ask for further info so when it comes I'll post it.
  15. Response from Jet-Hot

    I received a response from the Jet-Hot people today.
    To treat a 4 cylinder set of headers with their Jet-Hot Hi -Lustre coating is $185.00 inc gst.
    They have given me a phone number for any further enquiries, which I will ring and get come more info, whihc I'll post
    My thoughts are that if the coating lasts, it sounds like that's a reasonable sum of money to spend, to deal with the problem discussed here.
  16. You gotta remember Paul, we ride nakeds......
    The second a stone hits that coating it's gonna chip off.
    Bight the bullet and get the originals polished.
    I used very fine wet and dry on mine, polished them by hand and they look a million bucks (took me 2 hours though......)
    Daz. :wink:
  17. hmmmm, I'll send them an email and ask them about that!
    I DID post a message asking you how you had cleaned your pipes, and you didn't answer! :(
    Then again, this from their website....


    JET-HOT Hi- Lustre

    JET-HOT Hi- Lustre (Hi-Temp. rating 704C (1,300F))

    JET-HOTs Hi-Lustre finish has a highly polished Aluminium appearance, making it extremely serviceable and long lasting. JET-HOT Hi-Lustre can be polished with a metal polish bring it back to a show finish every time. When applied to Headers JET-HOT boosts power, inhibits thermal fatigue, reduces engine temperature, looks better and lasts longer than other header coatings.

    More Power, Less Heat

    Applying JET-HOT to headers and manifolds increase power by insulating the exhaust system. Keeping more heat in the tubing not only reduces engine-bay temperature by up to 25%, but also contributes to faster exhaust flow for better cylinder scavenging and more dense air-fuel charge. Racers have reported horsepower gains of over 3%.

    Unmatched Durability

    JET-HOT resists rust much more effectively than traditional protective coatings. JET-HOT was tested under accelerated conditions for 5000 hours with no failure. JET-HOT lasted over 140 times longer than high-temp paints, more than 14 times longer than chrome plating and out performed other ceramic formulas. Accelerated Corrosion Tests were conducted in accordance with ASTM B117 (5% salt solution) standard.

  18. IMHO Paul, if this coating was THAT GOOD, don't you thing bike and car manufacturers would be applying it from factory?
    I'm in the performance car scene and this is a great concept for keeping underbonnet temp's down, but on a bike :shock: ? Spend your money on the professional polishing of the headers, mate.....
    Daz. :wink:
  19. Discolour is result of too hot exhaust.

    In old days it was result of using standard petrol instead of super. I would suspect the unleaded fuel to be the culprit.

    As for nickel coating. It is less durable than chrome and will tarnish. To the trained eye it also has a yellowish tinge as opposed to chrome with a bluish tinge and silver with a white tinge. Got all that?

    If the pipe is stainless, leave it or get cooling fins.

    If pipe is steel, get thicker pipe and 3-4 layers of chrome. Heat will still discolour it though.

    Any polishing etc will reduce chrome thickness.

    Jaguar had a black enamel on their headers. Try that.

  20. Hornet, I just thought of something.

    Somewhere in Sydney there is an electroplating place that used to race drag bikes.

    Handbag racing. The wife used to ride the harley and the husband was the mechanic. Good people. I don't know how you would find them, perhaps the drag people might help.

    I used to see them at the Calder drags each year. Nice people. They would be able to help you with the pipes etc.