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Discolouration of leather jacket after oiling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. I have an Rjays storm jacket (the red one), and I bought some of the leatha oil stuff (in the yellow bottle) to maintain it. So last night I apply it to the jacket. It goes on well to the black and white bits, then I apply it to the red bits and some of the red parts of the jacket start showing black, as if the leather is literally changing colour. I carry on as it was too late at that point to stop. I didn't really mind provided it was all the same shade or colour. I finish and look at the black blotches on the red parts of the coat (the white parts are fine). I hang the coat up and this morning they have virtually all gone. It seems to have dried out or whatever. Has anyone else seen this with their leather bike gear?

  2. sorry off topic here but i got a leather jacket as well. just wondering what that oiling does to the jacket and how often i should do it? thanks
  3. Leatha oil stuff?
    Never heard of it.
    There may have been a warning on the bottle about discolouration and to test it on an inconspicuous spot.
    Mostly though a leather treatment like sno seal would have been much better.
  4. Leatha Oil.............well i think we all know what is normally said here.
    as for the leather once again thats what happens when you buy cheaper grade. The red is just a dye which hasn't been sealed properly so if the leather is new return it if not live with it.

    When using leather protectors be carefull of what you buy, stay away from the brands like dubbins that use animal fat it rots the stitching.
    R M Williams - Walden Miller make a fantastic Leather creme and there's a few other good brands out there.

    If you do a search i'm sure you will find a few threads about leather creams, its been done to death
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  6. sounds like LETHAL oil by the effect it has on your jacket
    At least we know to avoid it!
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  8. Yeah, but I didn't know I needed the whole Joseph Lyddy horsey range of products just to maintain my jacket. That oil was all that MCAS stocked for leather maintenance. My advice, steer well clear of MCAS. Far too many employees work there at any given time, and all of them seem to be arseholes (speaking about the Wentworth Av. NSW branch only).
  9. To clean up the jacket and get most/ all of the blotches out:
    Use quite a bit of luke-warm water and a ScotchBrite, then let the jacket air-dry at room temps.

    Then use SnoSeal (camping/ disposal stores) and follow the instructions on the pack/ tube/tin.....

    ANY leather will discolour when oils are used 9or water/ thinners/ anything liquid enuff to soak in...). As it dries, that darkening should vanish. Some agents can bind with the tanning-agents the leather was made with and give blotches, NOTHING to do with the quality of the leather.
    Dubbin DOESN'T rot stitching.
    Been working with leather for 35years and never saw stiching rotten away by natural waxes/natural oils, not even the old cotton threads.
  10. Excellent stuff Glitch_Oz, thanks for that!