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Disclock that doubles as a footpeg...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dan, Dec 22, 2005.

  2. brilliant .......... bet costs a bomb though .... and not much use if you have an older bike ... but top concept
  3. OK, you know why this is stupid.... here goes:

    1. lot of us stand on ou pegs to rest on long trips... This may become an issue
    2. Many of us "drag" our pegs through corners, this WILL become an issue
    3. If you try to push down on the peg to shift and the peg is not there, then you may become unbalanced and end up on your arse anyway.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Apart from that, not to bad an idea. Certainly better than I would have ever thought of.. :oops: :eek: :)
  4. what a top idea ..... any idea on cost ??
  5. but if the peg isnt there it would probably still be in the disc , which would mean you would be on your face .... also takes away the need for those reminder straps too because i would notice that the lock is in position before ridind away when i realise my peg isnt there
  6. Im just wondering, it appears to be quite long, as in front-to-rear, and may not suit people who DON'T ride with their toes on the pegs. Or am I being too picky?
    I did also think like Mitch that enthusiastic cornering might lead to damage...
  7. i'm feeling completely lazy and as such can't be bothered reading through the site, but can you use it as a pillion peg?

    that would make me consider it...
  8. News: New Innovative disc lock

    Spanish motorcycle lock manufacturer, Luma, have released a very innovative disc lock for your motorcycle - the XMART. It doubles as your lock and replaces your footpeg!

    ... more

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  9. Repost!! :LOL:

    bullcrap it's too short
  10. HAH, forumbot ACED by Dan the Man!! :D
  11. lmao ............hornet .......... living in nsw i would be more concerned about walking in *hit and getting it all over ya lock .. then if it will scrape through corners