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Disc locks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Skotty, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I have just bought a 2oo8 Virago 250, and I want to buy a disc lock to keep it secure. I see they have different sizes - 10mm, 5.5mm etc . Can someone tell me what that all means please? Cheers.

  2. the size of the locking pin
  3. go to your local bike shop, ask them, and then buy it with them. keep the business local and get to know your local dealership.
  4. Hi Skotty, as above, get yourself o a bike shop and sort it out. In the meantime, just find a regular pad lock in the house and whack it through the disk to give you some protection.
  5. I am too scared to use one, cause I know I would try ride off with it on one day.
  6. Giant fluorescent curly cord over the throttle.

  7. That and if you want, use the lock on the rear brake disc not the front. For extra protection and if you forget about it, you won't fly over your handle bars. I place mine so that it is close up against something along the disc, so as soon as I try to take off the bike has minimal movement before the lock hits something...in my case it's the brake caliper.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have been to the local Yamaha dealer, bought a couple of things, including a bike cover which is too small, & they are getting in the next size up. They had a small range of locks - big, bulky ones with reminder cords, or little ones, without reminder,. I'd like the smaller type, with the reminder which is why I was looking online. But I am not sure if all disc locks fit all discs or not! I know of several people who have ridden off still locked up, which is why I want the reminder.
  9. be careful with dealerships...just because you have good intentions starting a relationship with them doesn't mean that they will reciprocate and look after you

    try asking around getting some recommendations first for well-priced and good service mechanics / alternatives before committing to a dealership because its "local"
  10. easy to make your own reminder :) just buy some thin red or brightly coloured rope

    EDIT: or you could just make up something that slots onto your grips or something else obvious, so it's not attached to disc lock, but still a reminder for you. i know a friend who bought a pair of baby socks and cut the end of the toe bit off and slotted it onto his left grip.
  11. no-ones going to steal a virago
  12. Oohh, harsh comment. I do know someone who had an old 50cc scooter pinched & burnt, so anything could happen!
  13. a chick might :p

    jokes my friend, as me mates also got 1, hes no feminine
  14. An eighty-five year old man I know had his modified 50cc Honda mini bike (used on the golf course he was a member of) stolen from the club's locked shed a few years ago. Couldn't get a replacement and had to give up golf as a result.

    @OP: You could always get a disc lock with a built-in alarm (Zena) negating the need for a reminder cord assuming you could pt up with the odd false alarm.