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Disc lock.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bondibadger, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Did a bit of a search but there wasnt anything very useful. Just a lot of spam.

    Does anyone have any real world experience here with disc locks, has anyone ever had one tampered with, or attempted to remove or cut and failed?

    Which is the best brand, not looking to go to a shop, looking to specifically search for a recomended brand and purchase via ebay.

    Cheers in advance peeps =D>

    also , anyone have experience with iPhone holders on the handlebars?
  2. My experiences goes about as far as me attempting to take off with one still attached.

    I've got a Kryptonite, which I've heard is probably one of the best in Aus - but nothing is thief proof.
  3. I've got an alarmed xena disc lock which seems pretty rock solid. You need to be a little bit skillful to get it off without tripping the alarm though; the least you'll ever get is one sharp BEEP. No one's ever tripped the alarm except me AFAIK.
  4. I had a xena and it started going off constantly at one point so I had to take the batteries out. POS.
  5. Re: Disc lock. iPhone holders?

    Dont really trust Kryptonite, as their last batch could be picked with a bic pen.

    Just looking for a deterant for when its at my girlfriends and out and about so small, bright and tough.

    also ill add this to first post, anyone have experience with iPhone holders on the handlebars?
  6. Cleaning the lens with a cottonbud & alcohol should fix that problem [MENTION=30670]Rented[/MENTION]. I have a Xena and don't get false alarms. Mine pretty sensitive, if I put my key in the ignition with it "armed", it'll go off serving as a good reminder.

    That said, I dropped mine a year ago and it ain't as loud as it used to be (and yes, I have changed the batteries).
  7. Same as Kernel. Have a xena one. Have to be quick to unlock and usually get a beep out of it. It is quite sensitive and makes a hell of a noise when activated.
  8. I had a xena and I dropped it and the "alarm" part dropped out and smashed. I can't see it being effective.

    Insurance is best. I did this $2K damage to a bike with a disk lock.

  9. I got a xena lock with an alarm, after my trumpy got stolen recently. Just dont drop it.

    To avoid what vertical did, put your lock underneath the brake caliper and use a curly cord as a reminder.

    BTW. to say insurance is the best cover is crap. Its just another thing you should have. A deterrent such as a disc lock is about 20 times cheaper than claiming on your insurance. It may not stop a determined thief, but it will stop one that is trying to get in and out quickly.
  10. When I lock my scooter up in the hood I use a chain like this [​IMG]

    Otherwise I just use a Xena X2 disk lock
  11. I had a curly cord on, I don't look at my hand while riding.
  12. Well if there is a cord wrapped around your throttle surely you would notice it? I put mine on the throttle and over the brake, to miss it you would have to be pretty pissed! I was paranoid about forgetting mine too, so I make sure I wont.
  13. I have a $2K debit on my credit card to prove it. I was pissed. It was a rental in the USA.

    Just be careful all even a cord might not be enough. I rarely use a disc lock (only did it this time as the rental company made me) so maybe I am not used to it. Just be aware that it can happen.
  14. I had a cord on mine, and I still took off -- I just didn't notice the cord, but it's become habit now, to take it off before I warm up the bike after work. Especially working in Sunshine.
  15. Yeah I did clean it.

  16. I've had a magnum (lost it) and currently use a Kryptonite. The magnum avoided theft at least once. The guy made it 3 inches. I think they work best when parked next to a bike with no obvious protection. Why try and crack a lock if the next bike doesn't have one???
  17. have xena alarm. cloud movements set it of. an ant passing by would set it of and 50 yards. if someone dropped a grain of sand onto a pillow in ****ing China the thing would go of.
    batteries are long dead, but still has a sticker that says alarm.
    curly cord goes to ignition.
  18. I have a Xena with alarm as well. Had problems with it at first going off with false alarms. Eventually found the best position was just to the left or right of the 6 oclock position, so it rests slight on the brake disc, rather than hangs freely.

    Have on the odd occassion forgot I had it on, but the alarm soon reminds me.
  19. I use kyptonite with reminder cable/cord

    A mate used and alarmed one (not sure which brand) and the fu#%er goes off every time a sparrow farts.....he has therefore stopped using it
  20. I cut up an old sheet and tied that to my bungee cord attached to the $40 disc lock i have. it works. i also put the words "got disc lock?" inside near ignition. cant miss it. now!
    also i bought a $6 bicycle holder phone unit off ebay and stuck that on my bandit....works a treat....solid