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Disc Lock - which disc?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jisk, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. This may seem like a dumb question to some of you. I bought a disc lock with a movement sensor and alarm, however, it doesn't tell me if it's best on the front or the back wheel. I'm assuming back wheel. Does it matter?

  2. Throw it on the back disc.
    Otherwise someone can just throw a skateboard under the front wheel (rendering the lock useless) and be off with your precious bike.
  3. I can't get my bike into neutral without the ignition turned on... so I leave it in gear with the disc lock on the front. They would need 2 skateboards to move my bike then! :)
  4. Mmm, the weight distribution of most sporty bikes is pretty much 50/50; if they can lift one end, they can lift the other.

    If I remember rightly, the logic behind putting it on the rear disc is that when someone lifts the rear wheel onto a skateboard and tries to roll it away, the bike's front wheel being pointed to one side will make rolling it in a straight line a real pain in the arse, particularly if there are narrow gaps to negotiate.

    Either way, the advice is the same - rear disc. :)
  5. I put mine on the front, if they want to go through the effort of taking my bike - esp considering the better ones that it's parked next to then, then that's what I pay insurance for.
  6. what sort? how much? where from?
    i have been looking the last few days and have struggled to find one with the alarm also.
  7. I got a xena disc lock/alarm from peter stevens. They actually told me that the particular store don't have them anymore because of issues with the alarm going off for no reason. I asked the guy to double check and low and behold he was able to find one stored away... Anyways, it's being working flawlessly for me!

    and price, around $60+ I think
  8. The skateboard point's a good one.

    Personally, I put mine on whichever wheel is hardest to remove.
  9. Bing! Which is exactly why you see lonely looking bicycle front wheels chained to lamp posts on the odd occasion. Back wheel gets my vote too.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. I also lock the rear wheel.

    A skatey under the front wheel with a padlock under it, is going to be much easier to move then a bike with steering locked sideways and a rear wheel that is reluctant to spin.
  11. Chaining up the expensive end of the bicycle. (rear cluster, one-way hub, etc, and not too hard to do the frame too) :)
  12. I got the Xenacode XN14. It has alarm plus movement sensor, and is one very solid unit with a mighty locking pin. The idea of the movement sensor is that it will go off if someone tries to sit on your bike - all 110dB. Linkage:


    I picked it up from AMA, in Yatala, QLD. So probably a bit far for you :) It was $95.

    It sounds like rear wheel it is then, bit it doesn't matter too much?
  13. Mine is alarmed so I put it on the front at the furthest forward point. A little movement of the forks and it goes off fairly easily. Didn't think of the skateboard thing though. Hmmm

    Thinking about it though I always lock up the rear wheel with a bike cable lock or dlock as well anyway so problem averted.

    My new bike however.... hmmmmm it has no storage space so can't carry around the Dlock anymore.
  14. I got a Xena alarmed disc lock but I took out the batteries. It kept going off for no reason. I'd put it on, watch it for 5 minutes and it'd go off 3 times without me or anything touching it. Didn't matter where on the disc I put it.
  15. Mine did exactly the same thing. Very bloody annoying when it goes off at 3am... I did the same test, putting it in various positions on the disc and watching it. Eventually it would go off without being touched. Useless. So I took the batteries out also.

  16. mines the same, but i think ill leave the batteries in as a reminder to take the lock off. i also wish it gave you a few more seconds warning, i cant unlock the silly thing without setting off the alarm
  17. My recommendation is to save your money and get the NON-ALARM version of the Xena disc lock.

    I've tried polishing the lense on the sensor but that didn't do anything. It is seriously a waste of money. I hardly use my alarm now anyway. I love my bike but I don't think people will want to steal it. It's not flash after all.
  18. I'm sure engaging the clutch could get around that logic - so only one skateboard needed! ;-)
  19. I've been using the same Xena alarm lock for the past 2.5 years, without having to even change the batteries yet. The main benefit of the alarm is as a reminder to remove it before riding away rather than a alarm based deterent - an actual alarm is better for that purpose. It's very easy to muffle the alarm on these alarm locks simply by placing your hand over the lock. Have done it a few times when trying to keep the alarm quite when it's gone off and trying to avoid waking the neighbours. In an outdoor area it's not that loud anyway.
  20. The bloody disc lock has started going off by itself in the garage. That's bloody useless. I'll be taking it back after easter and changing it for a non-alarmed one with a reminder cable.