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Disc Lock - Rear or Front Disc

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jitboy, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Front

  2. Rear

  3. Don't use one.

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  1. I notice almost 90% of people seem to place their disc locks (if they have one) on the front disc. Is there a good reason for this ?

    The way I see it, it's true the front wheel can be wheeled, but so can the rear if it's in neutral (which isn't hard to find). But the front wheel tends to be locked at an angle, providing some form of protection. If you then put the lock on the rear disc (provided it's cross drilled), then it would prevent them lifting the front end and just wheeling ur bike away?

    Hope it's not a stupid question, I always used to lock my front disc too just because I saw everyone else do it that way.
  2. Yeah, I always lock my front disc...................'cause I don't have a rear :LOL:
  3. I put mine on the front and I have been wondering about this too. Look forward to reading the responses.
  4. I put it on the rear for the reasons Jitboy outlines. I've heard of some thieves lifting the front wheel onto a skateboard therefore bypassing the at-an-angle steering lock and the disc lock that was on it.

    I also put it on the back because the back is heavier and it's more cluttered leaving less space for thieves to work (whether this actually would impede anyone I don't know, but it can't hurt).
  5. always on the rear.
    i figure i'd rather have a little bit of protection at each end.
  6. Rear, for when you forget its there and go to ride away, your not gonna fall over.
  7. hmm that's actually another good point. You always hope you won't forget but inevitably we're still human. Or you could go the Brother label maker option and stick a label "DISC LOCK" on your triple clamp.
  8. Front for me. Drum at the rear. Got a Xena so hopefully the noise will make them run.
  9. haha good point, I forgot about the drum brakers out there.
  10. I guess the front makes the disc-lock more visible as a deterrant.

    But yes, rear-lock with your steering locked means the entire bike would need to be lifted to steal it [if they don't just break the lock off].
  11. Very good point.

    Gonna put it on the rear from now on. :)
  12. Voted - Dont use one.

    BTW, if anyone wants em PM your postal address. I have no use for em.
    Got a shiny silver one & the other is a cheaper bright yellow one.
  13. G'day everyone......


    This has been interesting,....
    I think I will be putting mine on the rear as well for reasons previously stated.

    Dr Who?
  14. I have a Xena 116dB disc lock/alarm, in fact I have had two. Both seemed to go off at random. Tried the different mounting positions etc.

    I said don't use one, as they have played up in the past, shop replaced the first one no arguements at all.

    I might try it on the rear disc for a week or two, see if the second one behaves.
  15. I put it on the front as its easier to see when i come back.

    If i put it on rear left its hard to see cause the bike's leaning on that side and on the right rear the exhaust is covering it.
  16. I bought a xena xe14 after trying it out the week before I bought it on my bike when I was there. Got it home, tried it. Took some doing to get it set, and eventually when it did get set, nothing would set it off! I took it back and the guy put it on the bike and managed to get it off by beating the crap out of it, says thats as effective as its supposed to be! The week before I went and tried it and it didn't go off with someone sitting on it, only when the front wheel was moved. Week later it didn't even do that.

    So I'm getting one ordered from action so it wont have been used as demo and screwed up like the last one. I'll let you know how sensitive I can get it.
  17. Front. i go for the visible and audible deterrant.
  18. As I've said in previous threads, I have a Ming Tay cable with a U lock on the end of it. It goes around both wheels and onto a post if there's one near. Big thick cable - hard to miss.

    A better deterrent in my view. :cool:
  19. As far as I know they get pretty sensitive. I pulled up to park within 2m of another bike with one of these alarm disc locks on. And it started beeping. Once I turned off the bike it stopped. Makes me think that vibrations caused by engine noise and revs is enough to set it off.
  20. Disc locks have been taken. Thanks guys. :wink: