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Disc lock key lost, what can I do?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rcdarkangel, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I commute to the train station on my bike everyday and use one of those kryptonite disc lock things that came with my bike from the previous seller.

    I got off the train yesterday and was searching through my jacket and pulled out the ignition key and whatnot before slowly coming to the sad realisation washed over me that I had lost my goddamn disc lock key.

    I kicked the bike a couple of times had a ciggerate and relaxed a little thinking that perhaps I had simply left the key at work. INCORRECT! I have arrived here today to find that the key is nowhere to be found!

    What the hell can I do? I was thinking about calling the NRMA to see if they can do anything, failing that I am going to try and call a locksmith to see if they can get it off.

    Am I royally screwed? I heard that the only other real way to get it off was to smash the disc and there is no way in hell that I want to do that.

    Jay Porter
  2. You have two options I suspect, 1. Angle grinder with a cutting disc, or 2. Angle grinder with a cutting disc.....
  3. only a glimmer of hope, but these things always come with spare key. Get on to the old owner, if it wasn't to long ago.
  4. Heh that might work if I can find a portable one.

    However I also assume that might cause a bit of uh....confusion amongst the masses.

    It's parked in the commuter car park at woy woy right near the walk way lol. Oh hi there officer! What am I doing with this angle grinder? Well I am just cutting this disc lock off. Why you say? Well I dont have the key and I want to ride it......
  5. Is there a serial number on the lock??? Try ringing one of the bike shops that sells them and see if they can order a replacement key.
  6. I'm not 100% sure about Kryptonite, but Xena will definitely not supply spare keys for security reasons, and their documentation makes this very clear. I suspect the same may also be true for their competitors, as it is a security selling point.
  7. I have already been instructed that it will be almost impossible to cut with an angle grinder.

    Im now thinking blow torch, or mabye some of that hard putty stuff and ill try to use it to make a mold!

    I dont know im just so desperate as the bike is for sale at this very moment. Im so screwed.

    It also makes travel a biatch at this point.
  8. Locksmith. But warn them what sort of lock you are trying to open, and ask on the call if they think they can do it. Otherwise, callout costs.
  9. Ok I think I have got it set now.

    rang around a few locksmiths and they all thought that they could pick it until I explained it was a tubular lock.

    I found a locksmith about 30 metres from the bike who will drill it out. However I am currently at work so I have sent a freind over to get prices and what not.

    I am hoping for the best.
  10. Contact the manufacturer first is my advice.
  11. :roll: good god no... do you have a mate witha a ute? then graba sakate board a plan and a ute and get you bike home.. Take the front wheel off and then take it around to the lock smiths...

    they will either be able to cut a barrel key to suit or take it to the machine shop / engineers and they will cut it off or you take 10 or so minutes and angle grind it off...
  12. new front wheel??
  13. You'd only need the disc
  14. I'd go with a locksmith, or learn how to do it yourself (it isn't that hard, but takes lots of practice!). Drilling out the lock won't be pretty, but it is quick!

    Search for Lock picking 101 - great resource as well if you have the patience!


  15. Take the front wheel off and remove the disc.

    then take the disc to either home with the angle grinder or somewhere with a oxy set, if a locksmith can't help.

    Reverse process.

    ride away.
  16. this thread makes me want to get extra keys made... :roll:
  17. Bolt cutters? If the bolt cutters are big enough they cut through just about anything.

    Failing that, let some good samaritan dob you into the cops as you're trying to break into the lock. The cops will rock up, you prove you own it and they can get their big bolt cutters out of the car and get the disc lock off.

    Failing that, yeah, it's remove the wheel and then remove disc.

    Why not just hire a van, load it into the van and then butcher it with the angle grinder at home?
  18. get some firends and get it trailered home before someone else takes the liberty of doing it themselves, you can cut through them with a angle grinder but you will have to replace the disc, so the real 2 options you have is to call a locksmith or remove the front wheel then remove the disc, replace with a new front disc
  19. first and foremost, i would be getting the bike home.
    your handy local thief would no doubt have noticed that your bike hasnt moved in a couple of days.
    he/she will be hatching a plan to trailer your bike away.
    you need to trailer it away to a safe spot before he/she does.

    after this, do the wheel & disc removal suggestion ;)
  20. bolt cutters wont work, the pin is made from molydbedium thats not the spelling, but we sell padlocks with shakles made out of the stuff, bolt cutters do 1 of 2 things when used on this metal, explode due to the forces placed on the handles (exploded-shatter), leaves a pretty divot in the cutting surface of the cutters