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VIC Disc Lock and Cable/Chain Lock

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by gre03, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. Hi, Just got a bike but don't have any security measures. looking for a disc lock and/or chain/cable lock.
    Thanks for looking

  2. Howdy, you might want to check this SITE for disc locks etc.

  3. Motoradar makes a cost effective disc lock with alarm, I think it is $49 from memory. It's a decent looking key system, and the loud alarm is very effective; it may not scare off a crook, but it does remind you when you forget to take it off the disc!

    I then got a cable from a $2 shop pretty cheap, which said it was for towing but would be useless for that purpose. I can loop it around anything, then slide the loop on the other end into the disk lock before locking it onto the disc. Any movement of the cable (eg. to cut it) triggers the disc lock alarm because it is directly touching.
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  4. AMX and most bike stores will sell them.
    Anything from $29 upwards for a plain standard disk lock.
    Occasionally Aldi have them too.
  5. try ebay as well I got my Kryptonite disc lock from there
  6. thanks for the advice fellas. I'm assuming all disk lock pins are the same size? and disc rotor holes are the same as well?
  7. Yep any disk lock will do. It doesn't go in the disk holes, but the slots.
  8. Don't bother spending too much money - all disc locks can be beaten with a skateboard under the front wheel, but may persuade the toe rags to move on to a bike without one fitted.
    So get a non alarmed, circa $50 lock and it'll do the job.
  9. Some have varying sized pins.. Some go through the disc holes and some go through the gaps / slots in the disc.
  10. well i got a lock but the front disc holes are too small, so i put it on the back disc which had larger holes
  11. Or a $50 alarmed one, so the toe rags with a skate board have to attract attention while trying to wheel away your bike. I also make a habit of putting it on the back wheel not the front, since that has more weight to try and lift or slide.
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  12. Nothing will stop a serious thief, any additional security will stop the big thieves, the insurance companies, from getting out of a claim though. They can't do the 'you did not take adequate measures' blah blah BS.
  13. You just need to make your bike look like too much trouble for them to bother, so they move on hoping for an easier target.
  14. how about dismantling the dash and headlight? think they'd bother with that? :p

    found the snapped speedo needle and glued it back on
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