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Disc Brakes > Drums

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by N2O, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Okey dokey.
    So I just bought the 1980 Z250b (many thanks to lordtb and minimatron).
    Loving it so far, but one thing is keeping me from enjoying my riding like I used to before the accident.
    The front brake is a drum.

    I figure the front wheel to be 16inch as the tyre as 16's stamped all over it. It already has the caliper mounting holes on the fork for twin discs.

    The question is: can any 16" rim with twin discs be used assumin I can get someone to do spacers, etc?

    Also, is there a standard size of the caliper, or will I need specific Z250b calipers? Can any disc fit any caliper? Could I find maybe a Z of a larger size from around the same era, maybe the Z600? (i'm hoping to maybe pinch the carbies off one of those in the near future)

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

    THanks guys!
  2. Apparently the C model had discs; maybe they're backwards compatible. Wreckers??
  3. that was a worthwhile post, huh?
  4. i will ask heinz for you [spare parts pro. send him an email tonight and if its something he can help with he will put a post in, ok
  5. Interesting.

    Well I think it goes like this, you do need the correct braking performance... I do believe that discs can go with anything, provided the specs are the same or very similar. As an example the service limits need to be similar in terms of width to prevent warping for the right discs.

    As long as they are the correct service limit it should be fine.

    The master cylinder and calipers however are a different matter. The pressure the master cylinder provides is correct for the shape and size of the brake pads in the caliper, to prevent excessive heating of the disc and or excessive pressure of the pads pressing down on the disc itself.

    It's the heating issue that would cause you the most problem there. But, provided you have the master cylinder, pads and disc from your other bike it should work.

    However, best to check with someone more knowledgable than I am ;-)
  6. Probably the best way to go about this would be find a wrecker with one of these bikes with disc brakes. I'd grab wheel with disc, caliper and master cyl. I don't know if larger Kawasaki calipers and discs wil bolt up to your wheels/ forks, but that is something Kawasaki would do.
    Or keep an eye on Ebay for a complete bike. You might even get a bike with alloy wheels.
    A single disc will be plenty for such a bike. The stock drum should work well enough though, try using the rear more.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Get a wheel with 1 or 2 discs that will fit between your folks.

    Get a 4 piston caliper or 2 off a mid 90s bike. Try to get the brake lines and master cylinder also. RGV ones are quite conpact

    After that that you need to get an adaptor made to transition between the folk and the calipers. This needs to account for both hole spacing differences and offset differences.
  8. thanks for all the advice.
    I'm going to give heidelberg a call and generally ring around tomorrow to try and see if I can find a similar bike.

    I found an old yamaha from around the same era in my dads backyard. No motor, but the front wheel with disc looked ok, and it had a caliper that (by eye, mind you) looked to be able to mount onto my forks.

    Thanks for that night_stalker i never thought of the way in which the pressure the cylinder can exert affects the way the braking works.

    I will take some definate measurements and try and get some pictures up so we all know what we're talking about.
  9. If you head over to this site http://www.kzrider.com/ someone wil know for sure what needs to be done, using Kawasaki parts.
    They know their Z bikes on this forum.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. i asked heinz, he said he will put a post in and then we both forgot. sorry mayte. i've been dating a lot of exciting men lately [yes, that excuse will do] if u need anything pm me and i wont forget.