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Disaster !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bronson, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. First day of my pre ls course yesterday.Everything going great,instructor was really good,no problems at all.Got to the 2nd last exercise of the day,clockwise circuits in first. Easy.All I had to do was form up with the others in a line at the end.
    Then everything went pearshaped.I dunno why but I glanced at the instructor talking to the student I was to pull up next to.Started to head their way and lost concentration on where I was to park.Overcorrected,in a mad panic,forgot clutch,grabbed for the brake,raced the throttle instead,bumped the bike I was parking next to,still racing throttle,still forgetting clutch,instant death wobble and over.
    No one hurt luckily,save for a skinned knee and a devastated pride.The instructor asked me if I wanted to sit out but I did the next,and last bit,circuits with a gear change from first to second.No problem.I thought thatd be it for my pre ls but was told not to stress about it,[yeah right],and to come back today for day two.
    What a total confidence killer.Perhaps a good thing in that its a reality check and it was better for this to happen in training and not out on the road but of course now I'm gonna be shitting myself that its going to happen again.
    I guess now I'll have a better idea in about 5 hours whether I'm meant to be a motorcyclist or not .....

  2. You need to chill, become one with the bike. Being all scared wont help, you are brave, I can tell :)
  3. Being a motorcyclist is like being a parent, committing to the task doesn't make you good at it, you still have to work at it every day from then on and hope that you develop enough skill to make it out the other end alive.

    Never give up.
  4. Good luck mate. Relax and concentrate. Even the most experienced riders have to concentrate on what they're doing. You have learnt a valuable lesson at the best place to learn it. :wink:
  5. mate you have one of the first lessons out of the way already!!
    dont stress you are ahead in personal lessons

    your going to make a great rider and fellow road user if you learn from those mistakes

    chill you will be fine

  6. Don't worry about it. For almost all people, skills come with more practice. And making mistakes is the best way of learning(assuming you live to fight another day). I picked up flying light aircraft and even RAAF PC9s reasonably easily, but I struggled on the pre-L's course because it was so fast paced. We had no time to consolidate the skills learnt in each section before we were onto the next one. But within a week of being on the road on my L's I couldn't work out why some things had seemed hard on the course.
  7. WOWsers. That's a scary feeling that I'm sure lots of people could relate to. I think the fact that you got back on the bike was proof enough that you can do it.

    Good luck, like everyone else has said. Just relax and it will be fine. Doesn't matter what anyone else there thinks, just do it for yourself. Fact is that noone will really care anyway. You are a learner, some times you will do stuff like that.

    Good luck, chin up.
  8. Hey bronson seriously dont worry about it or take it to heart , its part of the education and the reason you are there - to learn :)
  9. I agree with everyone else mate, I think everyone has had that experience (or a very similar one), and it's probably a necessary part of learning to ride.

    Have you ever seen a toddler learn to walk without falling over once or twice? OK we don't want to do it too often, but it's the same principle.
  10. Definitly agree with that. Don't stress yourself Bronson. I had a similar close call - Doing laps around the course. Handlebars turned but the bike wasn't turning sharp enough, strated to freak out, grasped the throttle harder, bike accelerated, got closer to the chain link fence.. Fortunatly I managed to regather and relax myself and take the correct line. Getting tense on a bike is a scary thing, whenever i got stressed, i would tighten up and immediatly notice every corner feel awkward and difficult. The trick is to try and mellow out and as the instructors say, 'look where your going' cause your head really does steer the bike.

    Just chilax buddy and I'm sure you'll get the hang of it in no time.

    The instructors pointed out various parts along the top of the chain link fence where the CB250's had been launched up the fence and over by throttle happy newbies. So trust me whatever you throw at them, I'd say they've seen worse.
  11. Genuine LOL.
  12. Oh.. don't stress!

    I gave my instructor a heart attack on my L's course... :p

    I was coming to a stop as we were practising our stops and I completely forgot to let go of the throttle... brake on... so when we stopped I let go of the brake without knowing I had the throttle revving.. bike took off.. tried to buck me off... abit of fishtailing etc... fortuantely my horse riding skills in riding out those sneaky try and dump rider horse rides' came in very handy in keeping the bike upright and straight without falling off!

    Stopped the bike and the instructor came over with eyes wide open... checking if I was fine... and then he explained to me what happened... I was like... 'oh shit, hang on, horse outta control... whoops on a bike... ummm... how to stop again....?'

    remember guys.. I'm deaf and can't hear when the throttle revvs up until it's too late and it's nicking off! LOL! :LOL:
  13. Thats what the course is for. The instructors make light of it "Bike feels sleepy and wants to have a lie down"

    Thats why the bikes there are so banged up.
  14. Don't sweat! Better there than on the road in traffic - you would have learnt a valuable lesson on distraction i'm sure.

    In my L's course the instructors told us to give it a bit more during the emergency breaking training - rightly so; they told us we would be going faster than 20kms when on the road, so if comfortable to speed up a bit and practise. I figured i may as well give it all i could while under instruction. Was doing very well too until i caught a painted line and locked up the rear! Released and reapplied and all was well, it didn't slide out and drop; funny in hindight, not so funny at the time - you'll laugh about it when you have the license!
  15. Hey thanks for all the welcome input guys.I think I was the only one in the class who up to that point hadn't sat on a bike before but I'm not using that as an excuse.
    I'm treating it like a reality check that only helped to make me realise that you really DO need to stay focussed when you're riding,......or parking.I went back to do the next session yesterday and walked out with a piece of paper at the end!I've gotta say I think it was the longest 3 1/2 hours of my life though.lol
    I'll be honest I did get chatted for being a bit panicky during the stops ,but its funny how after such a short time you do the head checks,startups and gear changes up and down without thinking about it.I realise this is all a learning curve,albeit a steep one ,but hey,whats life without a challenge occasionally to make it interesting?
    Thanks again for the input.
  16. So you pasS?
  17. Bronson, it's got nothing to do with whether or not you are "MEANT" to be a motorcyclist.
    No one is born riding a bike.
    And that's what the course you were doing is all about - you found out just how easy it is to come unstuck when you are unexperienced.
    So...press on...and learn from it. You'll be right, mate.! :) It will be a big help now that you are out on the road.
  18. I had a problem when i went to the course too, doing the circuit with gear changes i came in too hot and didn't change down in time and ended up going out of bounds,

    The instructor was great, told me to relax and give it another go so i jumped back on and started to enjoy myself.

    The second day was the most fun though :p