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Disaster trip to Victoria (dont ride there)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tomcatalex, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Unlike NSW, Victoria doesn’t sign post their speed cameras, If they did maybe we would slow down in those black spots and not kill ourselves on the spot and collect a fine 3 weeks later from the grave. Their so called saftey cameras are behind trees and hidden behind bridges.
    Then I got booked in the middle of no where (left the freeway in some deserted country town looking for petrol, when low and behold a copper was hiding in the long grass and fined me for doing a rolling stop (0kph) basically not moving, feet up, at a stop sign, with nobody on the road to give way too. Gave me a $182 3 point fine.
    "Victoria on the move" maybe because nobody wants to live there, I wouldn’t.

  2. yeah it's a shit hole
  3. Victorian cops are the worst kind.
  4. yeah our cops are heaps worser than yours! It's our way of keeping you new south welshman out! :LOL:

    OH you can come down for the GP, we need your fines to pay for our way of life :LOL: :LOL:
  5. It's not just the gatso type speed camera's you have to worry about in Victoria, there's now also point to point 'average speed' cameras in operation on the Hume.

    The solution is to avoid major roads, they're mainly boring anyhow.
  6. Victorians have better tuned "Hazard Avoidance" skills than the rest of you interstaters.. :p
  7. NSW fines are more expensive, but they hand out a hell of a lot fewer of them than the Vics (see OP of road toll thread).

    I've lived in Albury since '98 and done an equal amount of driving in NSW and Victoria, all of my infringements have been from Victorian coppers, most for things that I've received a caution or a wag of the finger for in NSW.
  8. First you have a whinge about hidden speed cameras, then you go totally off track about being pinged for failing to stop at a stop sign.

    As for the "no explanation", surely the concept of actually stopping isn't too difficult a concept to grasp, is it?
  9. +1

    What a terrible place to get caught, and fined, for actually breaking the law! :roll:
  10. Maybe the people are catching trams cause didnt see much traffic in melbourne as in sydney

    The law is for saftey not profits, The victorian government says saftey cameras, but how safe are you on that black spot when 2 weeks later your sitting at home collecting a fine from your mail box.
    At least in NSW there are large signs before the cameras to slow you down in those accident hot spots while your on the road.

    You vics are defending a stupid system of money grabbing. Wheres all that money going, into politicians pockets and road safty (more cameras without signage)
  11. No-one is defending the cameras here, the placement of them is often aimed at raising revenue rather than safety.

    But you were booked by a real live policeman for not stopping at a clearly marked stop sign, not by a camera - what has that do to with your argument?
  12. And way ahead of Sydney :p :p
  13. in NSW would have got off with a warning

    1) A stop sign, where there should have been a give way sign

    2) No traffic to give way to

    3) rolled to almost a complete stop anyway (0 kph on the dash)and gave way even though nothing to give way to anywhere

    And im talking about cameras cause I like passed 30 of them (the ones I saw)

    No fun riding in Victoria, dont like playing spot the cameras, anoying and boring. Might try Queensland next time?? anyone rode there lately
  14. Oh stop ya bitchin & just suck it up, or just dont come again :LOL:
    I live on the border so I have to deal with both states.

    Got busted in Dec out @ Bundalong (Vic side of the water) doing 101 in a 90 zone reduced down to 97 $138 & 1 point. Could have been worse if on NSW side of the river.
  15. It doesnt matter what the law is for, as apparently it doesnt apply to you or so you think. :LOL:
  16. There are signs in VIC to slow you down too, they're speed limits!

    Suck it up and act like a adult, stop whining, particularly when it is not that you got done for something you weren't doing, but that you GOT CAUGHT actually breaking the law.

  17. technically a stop sign means you should stop for 3 seconds and if the roads are clear you may then enter the intersection

    at the vic roads where i did my car's P's they have a stop sign as you exit and fail soo many people who only "give way" instead of stopping