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Disaster strikes again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. Well I've done it again folks.

    After going on the ride to Halls Gap, being rained on periodically and getting soaked, I come home to my nice dry house. And the noomptie in me strikes again. I flooded my laundry...aaarrrgghhh!! ](*,) My carpets are soaked. :?

    Oh well, at least my carpets are getting washed :LOL:

  2. Note to self: never share a house with Minna :p
  3. Noice..... like you'd need that after a hard weekend in the pissin rain..... :(

    Just move house, much easier to deal with :p
  4. Karen, if only it was that easy.

    The washing machine didn't blow up or anything, it's just silly me who forgot to take the plug outta the sink. :(
  5. Been there, done that... recently

    I didnt notice that the plug was still sitting in the sink after one of my housemates soaked some stuff in bleach.

    :idea: :idea: :idea:
  6. Add me to the list of flood-by-plug culprits :oops: . Luckily for me the laundry is tiled and next to the back door, I just mopped it out the door. I needed to clean the floors anyway so that was an unexpected bonus.
  7. Last flood we had was cat-related... the little bastard dragged a sock up to the shelves in the laundry - when the machine fired up, she shit herself, dropped the sock into the sink and bolted. Unfortunately, the sock was enough to block up the drain.
  8. Moved into a rental in St Kilda once where the shower used to flood if you werent paying attention, or were to long. Found out that the drain was used for the washing machine and was that blocked, I had to use caustic soda pearls to free it up.
  9. I can sympathise with that. A few years ago, lying in bed and can hear tick,tick,tick,tick (the sound of the water meter). The old hose busting off the tap trick.
  10. I did that on my first ever load of washing.. luckily there is no carpet in the vicinity. not doing that again argh
  11. What the washing or the flooding? lol!
  12. Bwahahaah, what goes around, comes around Minna my dear :p :LOL:
  13. HA HA!

    You all need those laundry troughs that have the other hole for the washing machine... you can leave the plug in, take it out... IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!