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Disaster for Coffee Crop

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. I was going to say something about a tea-drinker sabotage plot but I actually read the article and it isn't funny at all.(n)
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  2. fcuk- code red.
    im off to safeway to go and do a spot of panic buying.
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  3. It'll be right for who? There's more to it than whether or not you have a nice cuppa while browsing netrider. The article mentions social and climate concerns too.
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  4. If I can't get capsules for my nesspreso machine there's going to be an outcry like never before !!!
  5. Sort of on topic but does anyone drink that Bulletproof coffee? Worth it?
  6. Had to Google it, can't say I have heard of it.
  7. Looks like the end of the low mileage Ducati 2nd hand market.
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  8. panic buying will make it worse , but heck ill be buying
    a few kilos asap
  9. i can feel the withdrawal headaches already
  10. Does this mean we will only get 22.5 beans per cup. What are ducatti riders going to do on Sat and Sun arvos. They might have to actually ride their bikes.
  11. Maybe well just get blends of 50% each arabica and robusta.

    Seems pretty dire for the industry, but the article does also seem to offer some hope that this could turn into a good thing if it forces development of new varieties of coffee.
  12. Dire news indeed :eek: :( Let's hope the plant geeks work something out.

    So in the meantime ... how hard is it to grow your own coffee? I'm in the process of redoing the yard and could include a plant or two.
  13. Think I'm gonna need more than a plant or two somehow....
  14. I think most of Australia has the wrong climate for it. They do grow some in far north Queensland, but even that has an ... odd flavour to it. All of the places that I can think of that produce tea and coffee are tropical and mountainous.

    If you're thinking of stockpiling coffee beans, you'll want green beans (unroasted) - coffee starts to go off a few weeks after roasting, and even quicker after grinding. Roasting at home is apparently fairly simple, I have a couple of friends who do it using a popcorn maker.
  15. They do grow some near Cape Byron, I understand, but more near Cairns. Visited a coffee plantation on a ride when I was up in Cairns.

    I'd be doubtful about how much one could grow at home, though it would be rewarding.
  16. It's alright the majority of Ducati riders are Decaffe Latte drinkers, so it won't be to hard for them to convert to Caro.
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  17. fark better double my daily intake to 12 cups a day at work and stock up at home :eek: :overreact:
  18. Sorry, but that's just gold!