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Disappearing Number Plate - really !

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by doonx, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Number Plate Be Gone !

    $450 - ouch !
  2. not to mention the fine you'll incur if you're silly enough to buy it and use it on the road....
  3. Why shouldn,t you be able to protect yourself from government extortion .... if a private enterprise tried the same tactics that the government use to create revenue ... they would be in jail now
  4. What law do you breach and whats the fine in $ ?
  5. It would be interesting to find out whether the device itself is illegal, or only when it is switched on.

    For example, is a dirty rag illegal if it isn't obscuring my plate?

    If it's only illegal when on, then we should all get one, because it would make a pretty number plate frame.
  6. ..and with a cunning bit of electrical work, the right sensors and a good fast reponse LCD you could build an automatic one. An etag sensor would be EASY to build, radar and laser would take more effort but are both doable.

    Of course...by the time you've spent the money building it it'd be cheaper to pay the fine.
  7. [Edit: mat's in Victoria, so this answer is Victoria-centric. Except for the bit about "why not look it up for yourself?". That applies to all you lazy bastards :wink: :D ]

    Why not look it up for yourself? The answer is Reg222 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 1999. The fine is 2 penalty units and 3 demerit points.

    See the answer above. Again, the answer is :

    222(1) A registered operator of a registered vehicle must ensure that each number plate issued by the Corporation for the vehicle is permanently affixed to the vehicle so that (assuming the vehicle to be
    on level ground)—

    c) any cover on the number plate—
    (i) is clear, clean, untinted and flat over its entire surface; and
    (ii) has no reflective or other characteristics that would prevent the successful operation of a device approved for use under a law relating to the detection of traffic offences.

    On or off, it has a characteristic (of going dark on command) that satisfies (ii). And, rather than getting in to a bush-lawyers argument about it, if you really need to find out, buy one and find a cop. Let us know the outcome.
  8. Thanks Mark, which is why the seller has the disclaimer that the device is illegal for road use.
  9. and if you got caught with all 3 that would be a capital crime in extortoria
  10. it's only a $75 fine, no points loss for not having a number in NSW.
  11. Alan Bond for PM, then?? When you decide to isolate yourself from every government benefit that is funded by taxes, levies and fines, then and only then can you say the above with a straight face.
  12. Why not ............ hes no more crookard than the parasites that are running the country now
  13. Hey Chairman, I have a job where i actually do work *gasp*

    Alot of people here that sit in front of their computers all day,

    i gotta give them something to do 8)
  14. Funny thing Hornet, but the gummint itself is constantly telling us that fines are NOT about 'funding a benefit', they are only about 'law enforcement'.

    I will allow you 'government benefit that is funded by taxes, levies', but adding fines to that statement is simply proving to all and sundry what they already know, i.e. that traffic fines have long since progressed beyond law enforcement and into the realms of revenue raising.
  15. maybe my religion states that my vehicles shouldn't reveal their number plates, and must be covered when in public. any attempt to fine me would be discrimination :LOL:
  16. Thats exactly right incitatus
    the government has done nothing in the last few years except to make roads unsafer

    have a look next time your out and about .... drivers do nothing but look at nature strips ... stop lights ..and their speedos .... worried that their going to cop a fine .. and pay little attention of anything around them ... and no wonder .. with the 3 kph speed tolerance alowed ... thats half walking pace .. and you show me a speedo thats that accurate ....

    one day in the not too far future .. someones going to be mowed down by one of these people ... and when it all comes out in court ... their excuse will be .. but iam awfully sorry .... i didnt see him/ her .. i was looking for speed cameras ... and then the relatives of the dead / injured will sue the *hit out of the government .. for allowing that situation to develop ...
  17. good point cats, they want to ban mobile phones because they are such a distraction, maybe they should consider all the distractions they are putting in place for motorists in the name of revenue, er safety.
  18. ???? only if they've got no brains and an unlimited budget. If they sue anyone it will be the driver of the car, as has been happening since the horse and buggy days, when, unless I miss my guess, there were also road-side distractions.

    Why is it that we cannot seem to shake this persecution complex??
  19. The aim is not to get caught 8)
  20. go and sit near a speed camera .... check out all the near accidents .... but i guess it just could be all the (persecution ) aura .... in that area too