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Disappearing Melburnian Pavements

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rossco, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. last Friday afternoon I had a very rare meeting in the city. Beautiful day, I thought i would take the bike in. Get to my destination (St Andrews Place - behind the Treasury building), spot the office I need to go to, spot lots of other bikes on the pavement, spot a space on the pavement that is Rossco sized and park the bike.

    Go to meeting. 1 hour later come out of meeting to find Virago lying on its side on the pavement. After I wipe away tears/remove bottom jaw from floor I pick her up and do a cursory glance for dents/scratches etc. "Thankfully" the bike has no scratches as my helmet absorbed all the damage!!

    I notice that under the sidestand is a hole about 2" x 2" where the stand has gone through the pavement to a depth of about 5cm. After looking around, I see lots of other holes - some patched up, and some just lying there, all holey.

    Presumably other bikes have met the same fate. Anybody else experienced this? Can I ask the City Council to replace my Shoei XR1000? Are pavements across the city undergoing a weird metamorphosis?
  2. You can surly ask. And I'd expect that whatever Bureaucrat you get on the other end of the phone would probably say not a chance, but with a bit of assertiveness you may win that one. Use phrases like "unexpected danger", "State of disrepair" and "Duty of Care", and also have accompanying photos (Of the ground and the helmet)

    Worth a try,
    Oh, and no mater what is said on the phone, when working with bureaucracies, If it didn't happen in writing, it didn't happen
  3. Poor bugger, thats terrible.

    Lucky your bike is ok, helmet well that can be replaced not the point i know.

    By all means ask them, i hope it goes your way.
  4. I would expect you are more likely to get an accout for the rpairs to the side walk. Then when enough people make a claim we will be forced to park elsewhere. Not all the general puplic are as overjoyed as us about parking on the footpath.
  5. Well we can all go park in the available spots all over town and make parking Imposible. It's been done before to make a point, it can be done again.
  6. don't know your chances with the council but have had the same experience. in hot weather, sidewalks made of tarmac rather than cement, melt and bikes sink. mine hasn't gone fully over yet, but i've certainly come back to it on a serious angle.

    have been thinking recently of always carrying a squashed coke can or small piece of board under my seat to stick under the stand either on hot days, or in case i have to park on grass (like at MotoGP etc)
  7. As someone whose Virago was knocked over recently, you have my full sympathies.
  8. That is a really good Idea.
  9. Old fashioned gadget called a centre stand :)
  10. Bitumen on a hot day will do that - treat it like quicksand, on a hot day :)
    Carry a smallish lump of wood or squashed drink bottle can under the seat for just such occassions.

    You can try for the council, but I doubt you'll get anyway.
  11. thats one downfall with viragos...
    they dont come out with a centre stand...
    its an optional extra...something I intend on purchasing...very soon :D
  12. If a pedestrian tripped over and broke their knee because of bad pavement, then the council would be liable. Can't see how your case is any different.
  13. Thanks for your replies - I can see the issues with going to the council:

    1. The pavement isn't designed for bikes

    2. pay to park like everyone else

    and it also sparks the whole "parking on pavement" debate within the council. Which ISN"T something that we need.

    I think a squashed Coke can in the Ventura bag is a necessity for future trips :)
  14. If the council left the footpath in a negligent state of repair, or designed it poorly for it's intended purpose (pedestrians walking) then you would have a case.

    But, unfortunately, I think it would be hard to conclude that the footpath's are built for motorcycle parking, and thus the council was negligent in the design and use of bitumen for sidestand on hotdays without any warning signs. You need lots of money for lawyers to argue and win that one I'd think ...
  15. The question here is not what you can win. it is what you can make the council believe you can win. make sure your first letter is well formed with all the relevent details (Prety much every argument in the thread) Make it sound like you are serios without stating definativly that you will pursue leagle action, and see if they bite. It is not worth your time to actually take leagle action, but it is worth trying the bluff.
  16. Wouldn't a council, especially one like the MCC, be well versed at such letters? They probably just shuffle them straight to their on-staff lawyers.

    I'm all for giving it a go, as you describe, though :wink: Have known to do such things myself :)
  17. Not to mention the repercussions if you actually did win, i.e. Cheapest fix to a major problem like that is to prevent us parking there.

    I actually seen a guy on a Ducati stranded in Anglesea once, needing a replacement clutch lever which simply wasn't in town. He'd parked on a bit of an angle in a car park, so the sinking very easily went to the point of dropping the bike over.
  18. Yep that is exactly what they would do. But lawers are heman to, and they have to make judgment calls, if the lawer is having a pesamistic day s/he may just say "nahh this one aint worth fighting, pay it"
    Make your case look strong enough on the serface and this can happen
  19. Don't even think about it.

    The center stand on most bikes has a smaller footprint than the side stand, and carries far more weight. The pressures are much higher.

    Unfortunately, this didn't occur to me before I parked my bike on a bitumen footpath in the city a couple of years back. The owner of the Saab that broke its fall was remarkably understanding, once I assured him I was insured.

  20. ...........................And be sure to spell everything correctly!!! :? :? :? :? :shock: :shock: