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"Disappearing" cursor

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. it might only be me, but when entering text, I'm having the hardware cursor disappear altogether, and I have to guess where the insertion point is. I CAN click software cursor to an appropriate place, but can't scroll along the lines or between the lines with the directional keys

    This is only a recent phenomenon, probably just the last few weeks

    i3 processor 4gb ram

    Windows 7 Pro 32bit and Internet Explorer 9......

  2. Been happening to me on a few sites text boxes too hornet, but never yet on here.
    Will advise if i figure anything out, otherwise keen to hear from others too as it can be irritating!
  3. I reckon its feckin' javascript. It happens to me sometimes using google or other sites that have those smart arse "I know what you're going to write" scripts.

    Win XP / firefox 3.6


    It gets so bad sometimes, I keep a little notepad window open, so I can type into that and copy/paste into the edit box
  4. It's only happening on Netrider, infuriatingly enough

    I'm on a small local rider's forum here in Wollongong, and also a Christian Rider's national forum, both using the old software we used here, and it's not happening on either of them

    "nice??" to know it's not just me, though......
  5. Isn't there an option in Windows, or IE, to hide the cursor when typing? (Pointer options in Control Panel Mouse settings?) Pressing/holding the CTRL key to highlight where the cursor is. Perhaps this is what you are experiencing?
  6. I'll check, but it would not be something I've turned on deliberately...

  7. I used to get this on a forum (can't remember which) - switching to "standard" editing mode from wysiwyg mode fixed it.
  8. wow, that's buried deep in the user cp

    I'm wondering if it might also be something about IE 9, but I'll have a play with the setting you've mentioned first
  9. I get the disappearing cursor when the editor gets confused with cuts and pastes, url links etc. Clicking on the window sizing arrows to the top right of the editor seems to clear it.