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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by paynebrody, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. i just got my full (restricted) license today! but didnt realise i still had to abide by the LAMS rules for another 12 months!! how disapointing. am i wrong or is the only difference between a full (restricted) license and a learner permit the ability to tow a trailer? seems like a joke. also someone was saying the penalty for breaking the LAMS rule (i.e. riding a bigger, non LAMS bike) was only one demerit point. is this correct? sounds like im complaining but im just a bit disapointed.. thanks in advance :)

  2. how old are u? when did u get your p's?

    as far as i know, full (restricted) means can ride any size bike but cant double for a year
  3. Are you suggesting that someone after having their learners for the minimum 3 months and then getting their licence, should then be allowed to ride around on a litre sportsbike with a pillion after a few beers?
  4. why not? after all you can do it in America which is the most freedom obsessed country on earth :-s:-s
  5. ha moto2 your right. nah not suggesting that. i was aware of (and agree with) the BAC and pillion rule but i didnt know the LAMS rules still applied. prob not a bad thing i guess. i just wish i had have researched it before i got my hopes up.
  6. Looks like the initial 12 months on restrictions is one of the few things that probably hasn't change since I got my bike license.
    I was about 25 and on my full car license so I didn't have to display a P-plate but still stuck on 250cc, as it was back then, for 12 months. A bloke that I worked with who was also on restrictions was busted for over powered vehicle and from memory it wasn't a low cost experience then and I doubt the Vic government has discounted it since.
  7. Sux to be you, i was on lams for 1 yr on my p;s then straight onto fulls, bigger bike, oh wait you are in VIC ? must be different down there...
  8. You said it yourself; it is a full (restricted) licence. Use the year to learn how to ride really well and you'll be ready for a big bike when the 12 months is gone.
  9. Ah the good old days. To get my license all I had to do was ride around the block with no-one watching - "If you make it back you must be able to ride".

    Once I got my licence I was restricted to a 250 but rode an IT425. Back then you were a cretin if you didn't break the law in a minor way every now and then.

    When I was pulled over for speeding the cop said "that's a big bike, what size is it?" and I told him (there were no stickers on it although he could have checked the stamp, which he didn't) it was a "250, well actually it's 246cc" and it went no further (except I lost my bike licence and full car licence for doing 71kph in a 60 zone).

    Yeah the good old days...
  10. yeah, its another 12 months on LAMS after you get your p plate licence on a bike.

    luckily i am nearly off LAMS restrictions (may this year i get off them) but am restricted on cars until october 2012.

  11. one day you'll stack the LAMS bike and it will hurt. Much later youl rider a 1000 and be friggin glad youv learnt a lot since you had the LAMS bike
  12. Yeah I agree! I got my full restricted licence 3 days ago and it will be a long year before I get off my VTR250 (although I still think it's an awsome bike). I will just use the year to enjoy thr riding experience and get my skills up, then I know i will really be ready for a bigger bike. Still sux tho!
  13. Mate to tell you the truth, the 250 is gonna seem slow as. But from experience, take it slow.
    Get used to flooring that bike every gear.

    Once you get to a 600 youwill appreciate the power. Im still gettting used to it.!
  14. There are always more powerful/heavy bikes available on LAMS, like the Honda rvf400 or other LAMS 400s.