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Dirty TRiX Downed!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dirty TRiX, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Well,

    I guess it was inevitable that someone would like to do something about my nice shiny bike.

    Took a section of Gympie Road today I usually avoid due to all the idiots playing Russian Roulette with their lane changes. First time I've ridden that section in over 10 months because I felt it was too dangerous.

    Guess what, in one simple lesson I've reminded myself that it is. Lady in company Falcon changed lanes in front of me without looking, and obviously deaf as well, not hearing the TRX.

    Locked up the front (Shinko's suck) trying to avoid her and lost it.

    End result - no damage to her car or any others. Bike has lost footpeg, smashed fairing, bent gearlever, scratches on mudguard (tiny), handlebar, exhaust lip and stator cover. Oggy replica smashed and useless - buy the real ones guys....

    Not worth worrying about - everything is reasonably good with me too. May need to get a thumb xray at worst.

    Think it's about 7 years since I've had a tarmac interface, so not bad going really.
  2. Bad luck dirty. What did she say?
    Will she be charged?
    How can you NOT hear a TRX?
    It sounds repairable if the rest is still straight.

    Good luck mate.
  3. Sorry to hear that man.
  4. Indeed, how can you NOT hear a TRX???

    Sorry to hear about it mate, look after the thumb.
  5. Shit news. Letter of demand time, I guess.

  6. ah damn mate, that really suxs.....glad to hear both yourself and bike came out of it fairly well off...
  7. aw not the dinosaur
  8. Oh no! Just after you did all that work on it too :(

    Glad to hear you came out of it OK and seem to be in good spirits.

    So what's the go with the bike? Are you going to fix it?

    Hope you can chase the woman for some coin...
  9. So the driver stopped?

    What brand of Oggy knob? Or was it just called "Oggy" when it wasn't really?

    Hope you heal quickly :)
  10. Aw sh*t, TRiX, that sucks! :(

    Hope you get things fixed quick and that the thumb's ok.
  11. Yeah quick, now that we've established that you're ok, what's happening with the bike????
  12. Ouch bad news, hope it gets back to normal and at the biatch's expense.
  13. It'll be out of my pocket... other than the damage to the fairing (which has had repairs previously) it's not that bad - not worth the insurance hassles. Will post pics later, but now I've had my soak in the bath im off to work.

  14. Bad luck mate... Guess it pays to fit a sticky front.

  15. It is also sound economics to hit an at-fault vehicle, where a dodge will result in damage to your bike.

    ... may be hazardous to health though.
  16. sorry to hear about that andrew. you're ok by the sound of things and that's all that matters. the bike is replacable, you are not.

    so how are you taking this? better than the scratch trx got a little while back i hope?

    cheers :cool:
  17. I'm happy that you are in good nick!!! Shit luck about the bike, but bikes can be fixed and replaced.

    Get better and keep an eye on that thumb.

  18. Send her a letter anyway. She should pay.
  19. that sux andrew :(
  20. Not sure how you can blame the Shinko's. I run them & love them but I don't allow them to put me in people's blind spots!

    Glad you're relatively Ok & if you got her details I'd still go with the letter of demand! Do you have witnesses, that will help if you do?