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Dirty bike swap x2 FZR250 and ZX6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dim, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Disclaimer:This review has been written by the insistence of smack, lest i get a 'good smack in the mouth'

    Given the likely outcome in the cricket it seemed a good idea to go for a ride today. Its tasmania...what else would you do on a saturday afternoon? So after riding some fantastic roads from hobart to southport and having a chicken burger with the lot (they must be short of ingredients down there, surely 'the lot' should be a lot?) rides of bikes were offered.

    First up:The Slurry...aka Kriss' FZR250
    First thought 'surely if you rev it to the 18k redline the engine wont last long'. In reality for normal riding 10k is heaps enough to get it going faster than my old CB, although not a hard task by any means the CB maxs out at 110 :( The slurry was great fun to ride. The screaming engine probably helped. After taking it through some 55km signed corners at speeds Kriss hasnt attempted it was time to head back and test the brakes. Will it stoppie? No, not quite. But trying was impressive enough for Kriss to tell me to go back and try again so he could get it on camera.

    Next:Team Green ZX6
    Keeping in mind the most powerful bike before riding the ZX6 was my Zephyr 550 with an amazing 50hp shifting a good 180kg of lardiness I wasnt quite sure what to expect. It was even more fun than the FZR!! Compared to zephyr it felt as heavy as a cup full of air. So it probably isnt the most powerful sports bike, but there's still more than enough loose a licence very quickly. Corners almost as nimbly as the FZR, maybe more if i hadnt caught up with a slow moving tourist...u-turn didnt take as long as i thought. The brakes? Fantastic! :LOL: The downside? Riding the zephyr back home :(
  2. :?


  3. Ohhhh yes it will.
  4. That one didnt. Or maybe with someone a few kgs lighter...and braver
  5. or more practice. Good write up Duncan!