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Dirtbike Riding in VIC with no license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rick81, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    This is a bit of a tricky one but am hoping someone might know the answer. I am considering going dirtbike riding in country vic in the state forests. Bike has no rec reg and i have currently have a disqualified car and L's permit.
    I know the vicroads fines are about $1000 for no license riding and no bike with rec reg in total. Am wondering if they can sting me for riding with no license as its disqualified ie i have no car or bike license atm. ie if i was to ride my road bike on the road i can get charged with driving with a disqualified license. Would this be the same in the dirt as the law only states a fine if you have no bike license or rec reg. Bit of a grey area.

  2. Not grey at all. You operate a vehicle without a license on a public road, you get your just rewards if caught and add yet more joy to your already blemished driving record. You really think it makes a difference in the dirt?
  3. im not sure, hence the question. if the charge in the dirt is only a fine for no license and no reg then obviously there is some discrepancy. if you drive your car down a city street, unregistered and with no license you think you only get a $1000 fine? so yes i think it must make some difference, as the law stipulates.
  4. and are state forests and tracks considered as public roads?
  5. Yes.
    A Road's a road Man
  6. Your confusion is confusing.

    I have no idea what you are looking at but you need a) a license, and b) registration.

    You have no license - more than that, you had one and they took it away. Step 1 to failing the attitude test when you get pulled over. They fine you for one or both as appropriate.
  7. i understand they can fine me for both.
    what i am asking is if they can sting me for moe because my car and bike license are currenty disqualified. ie if i drove a car and was caught id be charged for driving with no license. a hefty fine and further license loss + more possibly.
    if i road a dirt bike in the bush could they treat that as the same thing? even though the law says you only receive a fine for no license or reg.
    if you drive an unregistered car and have no license you dont get a $1000 fine as you do on a dirtbike make sense?
  8. Yes they can give you a burger with the lot
  9. No grey area at all! Closed off Private property is your only option. Any fire trail or forest dirt road is a highway and would see you get done for disqualified if checked. When you are disqualified ALL licences are canceled and you are disqualified from obtaining any licence, car bike truck etc. There is no 'on the spot' for disqualified and of course .00 limit also applies (just in case you thought about having a quiet one to add to the rest of the offences!) If you have a recent prior conviction for disqualified you are looking at having the bike impounded as well, then when you get to court you will have to talk the magistrate out of sending you to jail. Is your trail ride worth all that? My advice is do your disqualified time, get your ticket back then go!
  10. Thanks for all the opinons an advice guys.
    I would have thought a heap of riders tear up the trails without rec reg and no license.
    My riding buddy is not phased by the fine he'll cop for no license nor reg. As ive informed him of the risks and fines.
    Do the coppers crack down on the forests and look to sting riders like this? Or are they more out of sight out of mind. We all know what some Cops can be like.
  11. they also have dirt bikes and do run through the forests and back roads looking for people like you,
    Riding on a disqualified licence will get you jail time, impounded bike, and years before you get your licence back,
    If it is not on private property, your gone. Even fire tracks are gazetted roads, all laws apply.
  12. thanks for the opinions and advice everyone. cheers
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  14. Get yourself a mountain bike. Plenty of good trails about, good cross training, you'll get fit, and you won't end up with $1000's in fines and legal bills.
  15. and if you think you are good enough on your dirt bike to get away from the cops, then think again. they will catch you before you can get round the next corner