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Dirtbike or Adventure bike?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Most of my good mates are into trailbike riding, mostly forestry trails north of brisbane. I am not really that interested in doing hardcore dirt work. On the other hand, one particular laverda club member seems to often takes us offroad also, that part I dont mind. So I have decided its time to invest in something that is more capable of offroad use.

    The problem I have at the moment, is that I am not sure what path to go down. I do like the idea of adventure riding, its more my style. But I would also like to do some of the easier trails with my mates on weekends.

    I am going to go test ride a Tiger 800XC this afternoon. Other bike on the list of test rides is of course the BMW 800GS. Obvioulsy, test riding either is not going to tell me which is better offroad, but I have read plenty of reports on both.

    Any thoughts? Should I just go for a road trail for now? Get used to riding on the dirt first?

  2. Buy a KTM Adventure - best of both worlds (y)
  3. Forgot the KTM, but that is also on the list.
  4. Check out the Advrider forum, plenty of info there.

    Plenty go for the Suzuki DR650, (including me) which are cheap, reliable, plenty of aftermarket bling, and heaps of them out there cris-crossing this country.

    I use mine for the Adventure thing (have been all over this country on it, in the last 5 years) and still get out on the trails with my mates for a bit of fun.

    Beauty about the DR.... is I don't worry to much if I drop it, might be different if I'd paid a sh*tload for a KTM990 or the TigerXC.
  5. I've been reading a lot about Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 and all I have read/heard is wonderful things about them. Give them a thought if you plan to do any touring and two-ups.
  6. whats the budget?

    Are we looking at <$10000, $10000-$20000 or $20000 +

    A kitted Tiger XC is in the last bracket.
  7. +1 for the WeeStrom
  8. I am looking at a WeeStrom after having a test of a tiger, a tenere and a single pot kwaka that's name eludes me now. I like the twin rather than single pot, and can get more bike for my buck. I'm looking second hand for one with all the bling already paid for.
  9. klr650
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  10. Kwaka single KLR 650 ??

    The weestrom is faultless and excellent value though uninspiring.
  11. [MENTION=37370]dobbo[/MENTION] DR650 the clear winner. The big adventure bikes are great, but, well they are just too big. Being a noob to dirt I figure they might just be a bit too much. The DR650 felt more like a trail bike, light, easy to ride and I felt really comfortable on it.

    [MENTION=15573]titus[/MENTION] Good vids those, well worth a look at for anyone considering one of the bigger adventure bikes. Its a shame they did not get a good go at the yammie, I reckon it might performed well.

    [MENTION=37532]Bad juju[/MENTION]No budget, just want the bike that ticks the boxes. Problem is (or was) I am not sure what the boxes are!

    Anyway, I pissed off from work early, had to see the doctor. Left a lot earlier and mulled over the trumpy, several ktm's, the DR, DRZ and DL. Felt best at home on the DR. Did some test rides and ended up putting a deposit on the DR650. I would have bought it there and then just could not decide on the colour!!! Black, Grey or White!!!

    So I am soon to be the owner of a DR650 (next week). What made up my mind was the fact that I have not done any off road stuff. The DR650 is lighter, not so big and easier to manage. Its also a lot cheaper than the big adventure bikes, if (when) I drop it there will be less tears.

    Once I get more comfortable, I reckon the tiger or ktm990 will be purchased. They fit my plan to circumnavigate australia better than the Sprint ST, and will give me more options across the top end.
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  12. I think you will enjoy the DR650.. will do everything you want from a bike, just maybe a little slower though.

    Everyone with a DR650 will tell you to do this or that etc....

    My advice would be: fitted a bashplate, alloy bars, barkbusters.... then you are reasonably protected from those slow speed off's you are about to have.

    Once you get the basics of off-roading sorted, then add all the farkles..

    Gearing will also help you out.. many find the standard gearing 15/41 is a little tall for any offroad work. I have gone 15/44 which is ideal for me... fantastic on hills and can still cruise on 110 down the tar.

    Once you wear the standard tyres out, then go for something more suitable to the type of riding you intend to do.

    Good luck, have fun & enjoy all those new roads that will be available to you, which are beyond what a roadbike will tackle.
    Checkout Advrider & Drriders for some inspiration.
  13. If you can restrain yourself in the dirt. Your a better man than me Gunnga Din!
    My vote is a DR400 or 650 with a long range tank on it.
    But I cant help myself in the dirt.
    And everything that makes an adventure bike an Adventure bike....takes away from them being a proper dirt bike.
  14. that thing would be brutal on a trail!
    a tad heavy in tight spots maybe, but way more trailbike than a 1200gs
    will be okay onroad too,

    bikes range from MX bikes to a 1200GS, and your bike is basically right in the middle, so is a jack off all trades bike which should do everything pretty good

    get out to the mountains!

    practise your gravel obviously, but sand is also great to learn balance fast!
    sand is demanding, but more forgiving than rock to land on
    your bike is made for sitting on a gravel road casually cruising along at 140kph, having a cup of tea

    then soon you will want a MX bike instead to scar the face of nature and pollute the environment! and launch over canyons

    when i think of adventure, i think of a really light powerful bike that won't get stuck anywhere!
    not a freakin GS, so you have chosen the perfect halfway point

    i tell you, an hour on a fast trailbike in the bush is like an adventure across the orient!
    like you're warping time and space, it rules

    hillclimbs in open cut quarry, bottom to the top in 60 seconds like you're on a jet powered elevator, back end out all the way up!
    powerslides n shit!

    now you must do all your riding offroad!
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  15. Any opinions on the KTM 690 Enduro?
  16. Decent but some people say the vibrations are annoying, but who knows maybe the people who actually tested them say that because they don't ride dirt bikes.

    I ride them and find theres no vibration, maybe thats just me?
  17. I test rode the SM690, I didn't think it vibrated any more than any other big single.
  18. For the truly mad, there is always the KTM 950 Super Enduro. No longer in production and the surviving examples are changing hands at new (or above) prices. But there's nothing else quite as excessive as this.
  19. Funny as I am (still) looking to add to my stable and was thinking of a full on tourer but due to a change in circumstances I am now looking at the KTM 990 SMT.

    I am somewhat concerned by :
    -The service network or lack thereof.
    -The cost of servicing and parts.
    -The reputation of being painful seems to have been earned when dealing with for warranty items.
    - My complete ignorance of the brand - but checking out www.ktmsmt.com at the moment.