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dirt riders??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by andrew8683, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. hey all newbie here , just wondering how many dirt/ trail riders there are in here and if so id like to organise some rides

  2. i got 2 road and a dirt , but too bad my ktm is currently in pieces. just dont have the time to fix the bloody dam thing
  3. yeh fair enough im hoping for a road bike soon
  4. yer go the road bike. so much better and cleaner.
  5. cleaner ha ha your not wrong

    any ideas on what bike ? im a fairly new too the road bike sceen but id say im experienced dirt rider ,
    yeh i know '' like chalk and cheese'' if you know what i mean
  6. I guess that would be me. Got an '06 KTM 625 SXC. Just spent the weekend out the back of Jamieson. B#gger me there's some of the best dirt bike riding to be found out there. Some of the longest steepest hills I've seen in my life :shock: River crossings, mud holes & jumps in all directions.
    PS I have ridden road & dirt bikes for many years & still reckon dirt bikes are the best for pure adrenalin pumping sphincter puckering eye wateringly good fun :LOL: :LOL:
  7. hey roarin, have u got any contacts who can get cheap ktm parts. i need a new barrel for mine and some other shit. i really like my bike so i want to get it repaired, just need parts. thanks
  8. Ah off roading, real biking, love it.
    Pity I am in Sydney and you guys are in Melbourne.
    Anyone done any big adventure trips?
    I did Sydney to Cape York and back in 89.
    This when the main route was still a tough track.
    The Telegraph Track and the Gunshot river were a tad difficult also.
    I hear the road is tarred to Cooktown and tourist coaches do it now.
  9. i hav a xr400 great toy