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dirt helmets on the road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pt, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. does anyone know of any major safety issues involved with wearing a dirt/mx helmet on the road? they pass the same standards test as road helmets i think so they should be just as safe? i thought maybe your face might not be as well protected. and yes i know you're about 1200 times as likely to be pulled over by the cops.

  2. My main concern would not be safety, just that wouldn't a dirt bike helmet make a lot more wind noise, turbulence, than a road helmet, and thus limit your hearing of things going on around you?
  3. I have worn both helmets on the road and the only difference is at 100km/h on the road constantly you will get a cold face, other than that I see no safety issues at all. Actually I feel the dirt bike helmet chine guard is further away which must be a good thing.
  4. I believe that the chin guard on a dirt bike helmet is not as strong as one on a road bike helmet. Dirt bike spills are usually slower and, with evntialtion panels, etc, thrown in, the guard would probably not ptotect your chin as well as it could.

    Road for road, dirt for dirt, is my motto.
  5. Spot on. There is a reason behind making each for each. Not to mention the fact google's would also be advised in the chook chaser helmet.
  6. I sometimes use my dirt helmet if I am riding to do dirt riding/camping and headchecks and stuff at 100km/h are harder if you leave the visor on since it catches air and this also makes it more tiring at speed since you need more effort to hold your head. Yes, they are more noisy, but I wear earplugs most of the time. Googles are required as well, and if riding dusty stuff you don't get the same amount of dust in your eyes as I have with road helmet. Nice on a hot day though.

    There would be no real reason to use it on the road for normal riding though I would think (although for occasional passengers I have used it). I wear my road helmet mostly since it is more suitable at speed and has a nice dark visor.
  7. I would imagine that the visor/chinguard etc wouldnt slide quite as well down to road at 60kph. Eg/ tend to whip your head around a bit more if you were to hit.
    This is just an observation though
  8. Funny that, after I posted the message above, I thought of that. The chin guard on a road helmet is round so that your head rolls and doesn't come to a sudden stop. The strange shape of a dirt bike chin guard could indeed work against that.

    I'd also be concerned about possible penetration of your face by a foreign object as there's no visor. I know the visor isn't real strong, but it could deflect a stick or something, whereas if all you have is goggles, a lot of your precious skin is exposed.

    Worth thinking about anyway.
  9. I don't have an off road helmet but looking at the protubence at the front, I would think that with a strong head wind if you turned your head the part that sticks out would catch a lot of wind. The ordinary helmet catches enough to twist your head, the off road types could make it a bit uncomfortable. Open face helmets hav a similar problem. I have had glasses whipped off when turning my head to look at the side for a head check.

    I personally would use the helmet designed for road on the road. The racing types are not good either as those riders do not do head checks.

  10. Perhaps this could be the in between solution for riding around town at 60 kmph or less in Summer. With MX goggles of course. It would be cool like an open face, yet offer more chin protection than an open face. Just a thought. :)
  11. exactly what i was thinkin G! i don't intend to wear one on long trips or anything, or when i'm going for a blat, but since next year it looks like i'll be commuting along way to uni, i thought it might be a better option than an open face. could be a good investment....or it could just be a fat waste of money :p

    p.s. thanks for the replies people! didn't think of the wind factor, though the face problems did cross my mind. wouldn wanna mess up my pretty face :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p