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Dirt gear you can use on road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jane Deaux, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. So I still have some of my dirt bike gear and I'm sure there are a lot of members with dirt exp or who ride both dirt and road. Just wondering if there is gear that is usable for both?

    I'm very partial to fox gloves, do fox make gloves that you can use on road?
    Also the armors, are any of the dirt body armors any good for road use? [If layered, obviously wouldn't do good against abrasion]

  2. What's not good about using dirt gear on the road: A lot of offroad riding gear is to stop roost more than impact protection, like body armour etc. Offroad boots can be quite stiff for the more delicate footpegs and brake/gear levers on roadbikes. Offorad gear is generally more ventilated and not as streamlined than road gear, so you might find lots of air trubulance & noise riding on the road with offroad gear.

    What's good about dirt gear on the road: You already have it. It might be hot wear you ride so you'll get good ventilation while riding on the road. Apart from the boots offroad gear offers greater freedom of movement.
  3. I ride both dirt and tar, usually doing the adventure thing.

    as mentioned, MX gear is designed for the track, freshly packed soil, chest armour is manly for 'roost protection'. I don't see a problem wearing body armour under an approved jacket.

    MX boots are popular, and give great protection, however, I find they become uncomfortable if I need to do any walking (Usually for sight seeing), also, they make gear changes a little tricky. I just wear steel capped work boots with a small heel (instep), I have found road boots will get chewed out very quickly on the metal toothed foot pegs that a fitted to dirt bikes.

    Dri rider Rallycross Pro 2 gear is good. I had one decent off on the tar wearing this gear, held up pretty well, only problem I had was the elbow cup shifted as I slid along the road, this cup then gouge my forearm.

    Fox MX gloves will not offer any protection if you come off on the tar or hard packed gravel,
    either go with motorcycle gloves or some safety work gloves from Bunnings. (I use the Ironclad gloves)
    Safety Gloves

    my standard kit for Adventure riding is Workboots, Kevlar jeans, knee guards, padded bike shorts, Mesh type jacket, gloves, Hydration pack, neck warmer/cooler, Helmet (dual sport type), I find the general road bike kit, get too hot when the going gets tough & restricts movement.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, guys!

    Never would have thought of padded bike shorts, Dobbo! I imagine it would make those longer rides way more comfy.

    Already got my eyes on some Draggin kevlar jeans with knee pads, and I got some steel caps for work. I still have time to put a kit together but I'm a bit of a dork about doing my homework on the right gear.

    What's your opinion on the kevlar jeans breathability?
  5. Kevlar jeans breathe well enough when you're moving but when you're stopped, the kevlar-reinforced areas are like wearing a second layer under the denim. Still, it's more breathable than most textile pants (especially anything that's waterproof).
  6. What is roost?
  7. Things that hens do on eggs?
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  8. Rooster tail.

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  9. Dirt bike gear and the road makes me think supermotard lol leather suit but with dirt bike helmet and boots. Use what is practical and safe.