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Dirt Blog!

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by el_cid26, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. So shamelessly plugging my own work hahaha.

    If the the dirt work is not to your liking, I have plenty of supermoto videos on my channel too :)

    Dirt Blog!#1 Tea Tree Gull MX and Whiskey Throttle

    Decided to try something new with my videos, doing a video blog style thing. No rants about hipsters and road rage. No riding around circles on the street either. Proper content that I personally would watch along with a bit of voice over :D

    Here I'm at the local motocross track, racking up hours on the dirt, tuning my technique (or lack there of!) for my new love of off road riding!


    Dirt Blog!#2 My First Race

    Next installment of my Dirt Blog is here, this time I unknowingly enter a private race and my buddy Shane ride's his bike after it being in pieces for four years!

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  2. Nice work dude!
    What state ?
  3. Thanks dude!

    I'm in good ol SA. Not too much in the way of road racing here, so that's what's driven me to off road riding.
  4. BUMP

    New video

    Dirt Blog!#3

    So I do a little work on my bike and show you how to systematically dismantle your bike whilst riding ruts in the most ungraceful way possible haha.

  5. BUMP!

    Finally got around to my next video!