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Dirt Biking Gear

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by donski1, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. OK, well if I'm to get into this thing seriously, I guess I'm going to need some gear. Can anyone tell me where the place is to get a good but cheap set of gear? What are the essentials, what can I do without, can road gear do for any of it?

  2. I can highly recommend Riders Edge in Bell St for good prices and great service. My partner likes shopping there because she doesn't feel like she's being talked down to.

    In terms of what you need:

    Boots - good ones. You can always sell them if you don't use them, but if you do they WILL last better and protect better. They'll feel like ski boots, but if you are going to do any significant trail riding you will take some knocks. $300 upwards, good ones starting high $300s. I bought some Alpinestars Tech 6 boots second hand on eBay for $200 in near new condition. Nothing wrong with second hand, because new gear looks just as rooted as second hand after 3 rides anyhow.

    Knee guards - cheapies are fine at $40.

    Elbow pads - cheapies fine at about $40, or if you want to do it properly a pressure suit which has more back and shoulder protection. Makes the difference between a small tumble at 15kph being a "funny" experience and something that leaves you badly cut up.

    Jacket and pants - probably all taken care of for $500 at most unless you get carried away. If you have armour (above) you can ride in damn near anything, but it will tear to shreds in no time.

    Dirt helmet and goggles - off roading is hard work and a road helmet is both too stuffy and horrible in heat, dust or wet weather. $60 for goggles, $200+ for a decent helmet.

    Dirt gloves - $40-60 - much better feel than road gloves.

    For the bike:

    Trust me when I say buy a spare brake and clutch lever for the bike.

    Barkbusters are good to have - saves levers but more importantly hands! $150 for good ones.

    Alloy bars - $100. The stock ones will be made of cheese if they are steel and will bend if you look at them the wrong way. However, hold off for now until you know whether you want higher or lower than stock bars.

    Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with second hand gear. Goes for the bike hardware too.
  3. Check out Cash Converters :cool:
  4. HIya, ok.. hehe, +1 for Riders edge, as for the gear,
    some gear is in the grey middle area also between off and on, / adventure gear, below is all a little mroe money, but works very wel in cross over, overland riding as well as day to day bush mud etc.
    a zeus helmet is about 250, good for cold off road, snow, etc over the open MX helmet, but still takes goggles / peak etc.
    gloves , dri- rider rallyx-cross, drit gloves, mesh (warm weather) with kevlar knuckles etc, about 70,
    knee armour, Thor Force 150 set, cross brace, floating knee, good good gear,
    boots, go more $ and you get sidi (740) Crosfire, or 500 for the BMW mx boots, both have hinges in the side for walking, so if pushing th ebike, walking through a market, walking up a hill etc good value...
    Body armour, Thor, with the kidney belt, 250, top notch, no comrpmise, just as good as it gets, cheaper stuff can be ok, how ever i have found lots of scratching with the stiching, joins etc, and this sucks after the 5/6 hour on the bike, as well as being designed for the super motard world..
    jaskets, and jerseys, 30+ for the jersey, and around 170 for a enduro jacket, many have arms that zip off and go in the back, good for the cold mornings, acerbis have the most venting for summer, and then cover up during the day..
    cheers al
  5. What about online sources? I'm in an isolated area - no shops at all!
  6. Bikebiz and ballards are my choice, both online.
  7. For long trips, I wear my leather pants, my little brother's O'Neill boots, helmet and goggles and whatever gloves I can lay my hands on.
  8. Just got back from Bikemart where I bought a full set of dirt gear for $435 (excluding armour). Thor clothes, Scott goggles, boots, helmet, knee guards, gloves. All looks too clean though, can't wait to get it filthy.
  9. I dont like riding for day or even all day in MX gear, the armour's uncomfortable, if its raining your wearing cheap nylon rain gear and and there are to many bits and peices.
    I bought an Rallye 2 pro suit for $1300 with gortex and really good armour. The armour is the most comfortable ive ever worn, after its in position and worn it you cant even feel it. But its about 2K to buy now without a bike.
    If you want good armour get a 661 preasure suit or similar and a light enduro jacket, some pants that fit over MX boot would be good as they keep some water out.
  10. A def MUST for me is some sort of Hydration system....Camelback etc.....worht it's weight in gold when you really need it....or when your mates wanna suck on your hose casue they ain't got one...ahem.
  11. oh...also I really prefer an amour jacket that has usually the following:

    elbow, forearm, back, shoulder and chest armour. Plus a kidney belt is great. These are usually zip up, one piece jackets.

    To price these items each seperate, would cost tonnes more..a good jacket is about 100usd..

    PLUS..for me, it is easier to find 1 thing than the several I have scattered about....just my thoughts! You cant loose one "arm" of the jacket and have no elbow pads for the right side!!!
  12. i have a roost deflector. (chest/shoulder armor) which is mainly designed to prevent puncture injuries.

    honestly the pressure suits look like they provide allot more protection.

    they do however look a little less "cool" and restrict movement a tinytiny bit.
  13. FWIW I did two weeks with Borneo Biking Adventures and we wore
    draggin jeans, touring boots, knee armour, alpinestars mesh top with back, shoulder and elbow armour, road helmet and gloves. the armour was the important bit :(