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Dirt Bikes!?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Manny, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Hey there.. I have a few questions about dirt bikes and off-roading...

    Firstly, I am poor - So what are some good cheap (early 90's?) dirtbikes or ATVs (my friend wants to get one) that I should look into?

    Secondly, where can they be ridden in sydney?
    And lastly, do they have to be registered?

    Thanks a lot..

    PS: Dont tell me to use the search option, I have a rare genetic disease that inhibits me from ever being able to find anything I want. =P
  2. chuck some knobbies and a big sprocket on the GPX, good as gold :wink: :LOL:

    after stuffing around with a cheapo 2 stroker, i can safely say i'll NEVER do that again. if you havn't got the bucks to get something decent, get a 4 stroke. they're not as quick for the capacity, but theres a much better chance you'll get something that wont blow the top and bottom end on your 2nd ride (not that its happened to me or anything :roll: ). plus the plugs dont foul up, yo dont have to mix fuel, and the throttle doesn't go "nothing nothing nothing nothing HOLY SHEEEEEET" :LOL:

    dunno about reg in NSW, but down here you're meant to have at least recreational reg if your gunna ride on public property. you can ride anyting you want on private property without reg tho...
  3. just get a XR
  4. Try one of the Yammies DT125 or 175. My brother-in-law used to have one, good for the fang around, reasonably reliable. Can't remember if these were a stroker tho'
    Also have a look for the Honda SLR230, they're a single cylinder 4-stroke but not sure if you'll find one in the price range you're looking at.
  5. Two strokers are cheaper, cos they're less complicated and cheaper to fix if something goes wrong. Four strokers are less powerful, dearer to fix when something goes wrong, but go much longer in between services.
    DT Yamahas were all two strokers. Reliable as death and taxes and millions of them out there so parts are as cheap as the dirt you ride on.
    If you really want to go cheap and you don't mind getting your hands dirty, try the wreckers. They have late model damaged bikes that can, in many cases be cheaply restored to going condition.
  6. put some nobblies on a CT110 :)
  7. I've got a '99 DT175 that I use as a commuter at the moment - had it on farms previously and did some relatively tame off road stuff. If you're looking for something reliable and dirt cheap to maintain (wouldn't know retail prices but remember getting it because it was dirt cheap to buy) you can't do much better. The only problems I've had were electrical (getting it road worthied) otherwise it's as solid as a rock. Being only 175cc it's not going to be the most powerful bike out there but the two stroke factor helps plenty - if you keep it running in the right rev range you'll get plenty of fun out it, especially if you're starting out.

    It's the only bike I've owned so my experience with most other bikes is of the I'll ride it you maintain it variety but all you've got to do is make sure there's enough oil (two stroke but seperate tanks so there's no mixing business) and warm it up for a minute or two before you head off. Services are about every 6000km i think it is and I've stuck more or less to them and haven't had a problem. As someone said they've been making them for 20+ years so spare parts aren't a problem and I didn't have a problem picking one up in near pristine condition.

    Mind you all this is from my ~5 years of limited experience (mostly with the DT) but if you've got any other questions about it ask away.