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dirt Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sexy_rus, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Hey how are you all? Im new to the forum's and I was hopeing for some advice I've decided to get a road trail bike. Im looking at getting yamaha DT 230 or TTR250. Does anyone know much about these bikes? Or of any other good bikes that are good on and off road. Any help on this would be great. Thanks Pris :D

  2. hi mate,i have a xr400.the xr250 is a good bike to look into.
  3. Hey, Can the XR250 can be road and off road?thanks
  4. Yes the XR250 is fully road registerable (or recreational registerable).
  5. I had a TTR about 10 years ago - the first of the electric start models - and thought it was a fantastic machine for trail/road work.

    I was living in Jindabyne at the time and whilst it was mostly used for off-road riding it did also make many trips to Cooma and Canberra (about 75 and 200 kms respectively) with no problems at all. It was also my primary transport in Sydney for about 6 months and if I'm being honest it may well have been the most practical commuter I've ever owned. ;-)

    Highly recommended.
  6. Don't you need to put different tyres on though? Like a more suitable road tyre if you are on the black stuff, cause the knobbly tyres aren't too great on the roads I hear
  7. They're tall so I hope you've got long legs!
  8. Another option is a KLR250 which has been around since the mid 80s and hasn't changed. It is pretty cheap usualy, has liquid cooling, is good on the road and off (Tyres will usualy tell you which it is better at. I use D605s for tyres which allow a fair pace on twisty stuff and have reasonable knobs for mud and stuff but I don't know if you can get the tyres that easily anymore).

    But it has kickstart which puts a lot of people off, but if the bike is in good condition it is fairly easy, but it is still kickstart. As with most trail/road it is not the best of either and although it gets to 100km/h (with a bit fo effort) it can get blowy at times and you can take a beating from the wind, as well as them being pretty tall (but ideal for my height at 180cm or so).

    My main reason for the klr was that it was one of the cheapest road/trails I could find.
  9. Hi, I have got a TTR250 and looked into a couple of things and the advantage with the TTR over the Honda was Electric Start and Kick Start, thats about all I could find.

    I ride my TTR on the road as well as take it for trail rides to Gembrook and found it to be a great all round bike.

    Just remember that they are not road bikes and when your doing 100 km/h they are not the most comfortable bike to be on, I much prefer my VTR for the road.

    But don't rule out the new TTR230 this is a bike at a bargain price, I am also lead to believe they will have a model shortly with all the lights etc fitted.
  10. Another option is the Honda SL230, great one pot 4 stroke. Did my L's on it at MTA. Rode a DT125 in my backyard in the UK, that wasn't too bad, not sure how similar the DT230 is to the 125.
  11. ive currently got a DT175 (partly because ive had it for a while and it was cheap to register and partly because im lacking the gene that allows most people to save money) and, while its not exactly a high performace bike (far freaking from it in fact), it gets around and if thats all youre looking for theyre fine. obviously therell be differences between it and the 230 but from what i know theyre mostly minor (i.e. disc brakes front and back, rather than just front). ive found the kickstart factor isnt so much of a problem as the two stroke, forever fiddling with the choke factor although its a small complaint so if youre just after something to get you around id definitely recommend them... and theyre always great to thrash around the local reserves :D .
  12. The dual-purpose tyres fitted to these bikes are a reasonable compromise. Although they tend to be rubbish on both surfaces once the rain starts falling. Fortunately we were suffering the worst drought in 50 years in Jindy at the time I was running the TTR so the dual-purpose sufficed... ;-)

    Alternatively you can invest in two sets of wheels sporting the appropriate rubber and swap them in and out as required. If you can afford it then this is often the best option.
  13. The XR's are excellent - I learned on one, and even though it was fairly old (84/85 model from memory), it still had a fair bit of oomph. Yes, it was a kickstart, but hey, if I could kick start it then anyone could!!

    It was registered for road with road/trail tyres, but I wouldn't recommend long periods of riding at 100km/hr as a) you will wear out your tyres very quickly, and b) the dirt bike engines (at least the 250cc ones) just aren't really built for that kind of riding. I found that out the hard way on another dirt bike I owned later - travelling the entire length of the Eastern freeway on a daily basis eventually took its toll and I cracked the head - v. expensive rebuild. :?
  14. I used to have a DT YPVS Mk3, awesome bike when the powervalve was opened up....happy days :)

    I never took it off road though.
  15. Wait till you ride the 450 then... ;-)
  16. I'll be doing my upright course this weekend and have a Honda NX650 sitting in the garage waiting for my attention. Main reason for buying this was 650cc and i'm 6'5 and 110 kilos. couldn't see myself on a pocket rocket. Not yet anyway. I do plan to change the rubber soon from the road/trail to street.
  17. well i mean how well do 250 dual purpose hold 100-110kms?

    i got one as well, a dr250, very old, great engine though, but im not to sure it would be ne good for touring, im still yet to get my learners><

    well i heard it also revvs the $hit outta the engine... eh

    well, since they r cheap to reg, and insurence is just outta the question for old dirts ( cost 200, bike is worth 500), and any parts for it is hard to get, but is it possible to go touring on a trailie??
  18. depending on riding experience you could look at a RMX250 they are a full rego 2 stroke I had 1 for 5 years run it on full knobby tyres :shock: and it was a blast on or off road you could cruise with the traffic or blast past it on the back wheel :p drift round corners in the wet or dry :LOL: on or off road never had any problems not even a fouled spark plug awersome bike ................. :twisted:
  19. I used to own an old 81 XL500, best dirt bike i ever owned. Couldnt jump, half the spokes were broke, rear suspension squealed in protest more than a cut cat, seat was more gaffa tape than foam, but hell i wouldntve had anything different. It kicked my mates modern KLR's purple and that weird greeny blue coloureds ass.

    BTW if i had a choice between kickstart and electric, id take the kickstart any day. A dirtbike without a kickstart is like...well...something without something important.
  20. I have considered getting a road/trail and preferably one larger then a 250, the only problem is they all seem to be built for tall people, I am only 5'3". Any sugestions?