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VIC Dirt bikes & trailer - Sunbury

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by HB, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hey guys

    My nephew & his friend had their dirt bikes stolen from the ALdi carpark in Sunbury today around 3pm.

    They were loaded on a trailer ready to head off for Easter. The trailer was a 6x4 box trailer and the bikes are kawasakis, one is a 150cc & the other a KX125. The car the took them was blue (sorry no other details, except it never had number plates).

    If you see or hear about these bikes please send a PM.
  2. That's low :( sorry HB, hope they get them back and catch the low life's who took them!
    Aldi's doesn't have car park cameras?
  3. Aldi only have cameras on the entrance, not in the car park. He had his previous 60 cc bike for at least 5 or 6 years, he saved up working at Hungry Jacks to get this bike about 6 months ago.
  4. So wrong. They know they're kids bikes. The cheek, to take them off a trailer. Someone must have seen something. Put a pic up at Aldis with a reward. These guys need to be caught and punished and the kids need their bikes back :(
  5. They took the trailer the bikes were on as well. :( The trailer was attached to my parents car of my nephews friend at the time.

    Good idea re putting picture up at Aldi, I'll suggest it.
  6. OMG, unreal. The local paper might run a free ad as well if you take it down there; ours used to. Hopefully someone will recognise it or may have seen what happened.
  7. I wish my timing was better and I could offer more than sympathy. I drove into the lower car park there about 5 to 3 to drop my Mum at her doctor and left a few minutes later and saw nothing.
    At pick up time the doctor was running late so I had some time to kill and when I walked into Aldi I overheard the two ladies talking to somebody about it, then (still waiting) saw them trying the lower shops for any information.
    They were obviously upset, as I would be. It's so unfair and I hope it has the right ending.
  8. Thanks, not holding out much hope. It's been reported to cops not that they will do much.
  9. Update ......trailer was found abandoned last week in Sunbury. Bikes were found and collected by Police yesterday (7 found at same address) in Diggers Rest.

    Hopefully my nephew will be able to collect his bike today, he had put some non standard stuff on it, and there were some distinguishing marks on in so should be able to prove ownership.
  10. That's great to hear.. it seems like a few of these crooks have been caught lately.. it's nice to know that the police are still fighting the good fight, and that it's not necessarily a case of all-hope-is-lost when these things happen.

    I hope the bike is still in good condition for your nephew..
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  11. Good stuff! (y)
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  12. It wasn't the police that found them. They were just told where they were and then collected them. I don't believe the bikes were even ridden after they were taken.
  13. Heard this a lot over the years,I lock my trailer to the car and lock the bike to the trailer.At least it might slow them down a bit.Here is hoping the thief gets a big law type thump.Very lucky recovery
  14. Its bizarre that I'm reading this now, as my mate told me this weekend that his mum was in the Aldi car park this day and seen the car pull up and take the trailer in about 20 seconds. Apparently she took down the number plate but they were fake plates on the car.

    Glad they found the bikes, and hopefully the thief's were still around to be arrested. Not much lower than a thief.
  15. . Not much lower than a thief.[/QUOTE]
    maybe rapists and murderers
  16. maybe rapists and murderers[/QUOTE]

    Yes rapists and murderers and people who post obvious replies jk :]