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Dirt Bikes - Please help !!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Miss_dj, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Yamaha

  2. Honda

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  3. Suzuki

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  4. KTM

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  5. Kawasaki

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  6. Other - Please Specify

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  1. Hi Kids,

    My dad has always dreamed about getting his bike licence and after a long time of telling him to do it, he finally is :grin:

    He has a few mates that go on dirt biking trips quite often and he joined them for one today and had an absolute blast!
    He'd like to get a dirt bike to start with and eventually buy a road bike...

    Anyway... i have no idea about dirt bikes and am calling on my fellow Netriders for advice...

    To start with he wants:

    Electric Start
    Around $5-7k

    What brands would you recommend and why?
    Also any other information that could be beneficial, please include!

    Thanks peeps

  2. If it's not orange it's a lemon.. :wink: :cool:
  3. Oranges...lemons....personally I'd prefer a bike that ain't fruit. Go Honda :D
  4. KL250. Why? Because I don't know the names of anything else.

    Nor have I ever ridden a dirtbike.. or ever managed to even sit on one.. or know anything about anything to do with dirtbikes, or their riding... on second thought, ignore this! :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Id have a good look at the Yamaha TTR250. Ive had a ride on a couple of them and as far as I could tell they are good bikes. Personally I owned a TTR125L but that got stolen :evil: but it was a really good bike. These ones are electic and kick start and are road worthy. 4-stroke with plenty of guts and stability for off road riding.
  6. They're all much of a muchness - four stroke and electric start - Honda XL and Suzuki DR's (or anything else) will do him fine.

    I wouldn't recommend a two stroke or any of the MX race bikes - but I doubt any of them are electric start :?

    Obviously try and get as new as possible, low kms and something that has some service history or at least looks like it has been looked after.
  7. Good on him for getting into dirtbikes, he'll love it. I know its probably the best thing I ever did, as some of the best, most memorable times of my life have come as a result of being out riding with mates.

    I would probably recommend something like either a honda xr250, or otherwise a suzuki dr250. They dont set the world on fire with performance, however they still go quite well and most importantly wont be intimidating to ride and learn on. Theyve got extremely reliable aircooled motors, and can take quite a pounding. One of our mates started riding with us on a dr250 about 2 years ago and although it had done over 15000 kms(a heap for a dirtbike) it still started and went like a dream, and it copped its fair share of hard riding and abuse!.

    Top idea about starting on a dirtbike and then moving to roadbikes afterwards, its a good way to learn the basics and have a blast without having to worry too much about brainless traffic!

    If he's completely new to riding, I'd advise he stays away from the higher performance enduros such as crf250x, wr250f, ktm250exc etc, as these make a lot more power than trailies such as xrs, drs and ttrs, and their power is a lot peakier, so they are harder for novices. But they're something he can move up to when his confidence has grown.

    I could go on forever, as I love my dirtbikes (go the crf450x!)
    if u need any more info/advice though, just ask.

  8. I have a TTR 250 that has been bored out and had the breathing improved.

    I use it for wet weather commuting as I have 80/20 tyres on it and anything but dry tracks sends it slipping around.

    Great bike, but it is tall and I have to mount it like a horse :LOL: I have cut the seat down and its great for road use.

    I think they are all much of a muchness, but the ttr250 came out ahead (slightly) in a Dirt bike trader comparisions between the other brands.

    Whatever rocks his socks will be the right one.

  9. Honda CRF250X, Best choice in my opinion, I'm guessing he has ridden before so knows basics about motorbike riding. He could go for an XR250 but depends what sort of bikes his mates ride, I'm guessing theyve been into the sport for a while and have some nice big fast bikes that he would struggle to keep up on an xr, theres nothing wrong with having a bike with more power than you really need as long as you can control yourself not to twist all the way until youve ridden it for a while to get used to the power. I learnt to ride on a ct200 ag bike, very slow, only designed for farm speeds then my next bike was a cr125, that was a big jump and after being used to the ag bike i flipped the cr a few times earlier on but soon got used to it and saved myself buying an 80 before it. Honda is the way to go for dirt bikes though, Ive ridden new suzuki's and kawasaki's, but honda's have taken the cream by a longshot.
  10. Electric start :? I know the XR650R is not
  11. Yup, sure is! CRF-R's arent, and I'm not soo sure they make the 650 anymore.
  12. Yeah they don't (shame nice bike)

    Too many models to keep up with :p
  13. Yer I agree with you there, its like me trying to figure out road bike models, I've always liked R1's and Ninja's...but thats like all I knew til i decide its time to buy 1
  14. + 1 vote for the TTR250.

    Nice reliable bike, bit of a jack of all trades and reasonably well setup for basic trails from the factory.
  15. +1 for TTR. I ride mine pretty much everyday in the bush near my house.

    After looking around alot, checking specs as I do. Found they are pretty sweet and as far as 4 stroke options go, KLX and TTR seem best priced.

    My Dad bought a KLX250 the day after we picked up my TTR.

    I find the TTR is a little firmer, more hardcore sorta feel to it and yes taller. Makes it tough for me being short. Get used to it tho, although if i get stuck and have to man handle it... i have to get off completely.

    Don't think you could go wrong with either of these.
  16. +1 TTR250.

    I still have mine - did my time on my L's on it and took it trail riding about twice a month for 3 years. Did desert trips with a big tank, motard rides in the twisties and all sorts of longer road trips. Even rode it to the Island for the GP a few years back.

    We used to have two when the Girlie got her license but hers was stolen... :mad:

    I've done a rebuild on mine at 20,000km. Was about $400 in parts and three days in the shed to do it neatly and a port/polish job - mainly because I could with it that far apart. The original battery lasted 7 years. Still on original discs, about the fourth set of front brake pads, second set of rears. Suspension is stock, but with slightly more of a heavier grade fork oil to tame the damping a little.

    I've ridden DR250s, DRZ250s, a few TTRs and a couple of XRs. The XRs didn't really suit me because I'm too big. Kick start sucks, and the lack of a keyed ignition means they are a pain to park in town unattended. The TTRs are tall, but I have actually made mine taller to help with trail riding. The early DRs had steel tanks, but the DRZs have plastic tanks and slightly improved suspension.

    The argument USED to be that the XRs were the best because of all the aftermarket bits. The TTRs don't actually need much aftermarket gear. The only things I bought were bash plate, frame guards, Renthal bars and a pipe. All are still easy to get. Even today, you'll seldom find TTRs at wreckers because they don't fall to bits.

    I don't ride trails that much these days after a nasty accident 3 years ago, but I can't bring myself to sell the blue meanie...
  17. Hi Ben,

    I think all throughout his life he's riden a few bikes here and there, from dirt bikes to my road bike so he's actually pretty good..
    Plus my uncle used to ride a lot many years ago and i think its started from there?

    To the rest of you, thank-you so much for all the info... Ill be emailing him most of the info on the thread so he can have a read.
    So, i take it that he sould be looking at either a Yamaha TTR250 or Honda XL250?

    AT least this narrowns things down :)

    Thanks again and please feel free to include more info :wink:
  18. Does it have to be a 250? IMO you'll get bored senseless of an XR250 in no time. They've barely changed in 20 years and were old tech when they came out. A Gas Gas Pampera 400 is a good choice though a little pricey. I read a article about them saying they make a great learner bike as they power delivery is fairly gentle but still has enough grunt to lift the front wheel easily when you need to. Also the seat heights a little lower than normal so you can reach the ground easily. Even the Suzuki DRZ400 has a huge following and are meant to be very reliable. IMO an XR250, TTR250 ect aren't worth the money people ask for them, WR250, CRF250 are a bit too racey for his needs, so that only leaves the 400's like the XR400, DRZ400 and the Pampera. Some people have the opinion that you need a smaller bike to start out with, but I think that's rubbish. The bigger trail bikes have a much broader power spread making them easier to learn on. I'd probably steer clear of the WR450's ect. The one I rode was quite snappy and could get on top of me easily if I let it. You just need a friendly, trail intended 400 :grin: