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Dirt Bikes for the Kids - and me with any luck ;-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chucks, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    My folks are in the process of retiring to the bush, and as my kids seem pretty keen to follow dad onto two wheels, I thought that dirt bikes for christmas to blat around the property would be a good way of getting them into it in a reasonably safe way.

    Any suggestions on what i should be looking at in the way of second hand dirt bikes for a 7 and 10 year old?

    Something for me to learn to ride dirt on would probably be a good idea too, so I can keep an eye on the kids obviously ... :wink:


  2. for ease of everything cant go past an XR 80 or 100, but then if they want to do the MX thing probably CR/YZ/RM80.

    And for you, value for money the old XR 200 RC or RD model, absolutley bullet proof, piss easy to fix and there are still some good ones around for a reasonable $$$
  3. Don't forget to buy body armour.

    Kids bounce well, but body armour lets them bounce without hurting as much. :wink:
  4. I had a couple of Honda Z50's growing up but you do grow out of them quick. They were bulletproof too, Never could kill them (early - mid eighties models). The XR80 I had as a young fella was pretty decent too. It was probably my favorite bike I have ever owned. Had plenty of go, was pretty light, was reliable. It might be a bit big for a 7 year old. Low maintenance. something that starts easy, cheap to fix.

    And I'm in a similar situation now. My parents have moved from a farm near Wedderburn to Newstead and I've been for a ride (bicycle) and drive around the area and its made me real keen to get back into dirt bike riding after a 5 year absence.
  5. Thanks all,

    Woodsy can you tell me what's the diferrence between XR's and the motocross bikes you mentioned.

    Anybody pick the dirt newby?


  6. The XR series are all 4 strokes and basicaly 'enduro' style bikes, the other ones are all 2 stroke and MX style.

    MX. peaky, high revs, lighter, more maintainance, better suspension, more maintainance, and a bloody lot of fun.

    Enduro. heavier, more reliable, easier to learn on, less maint and a heap of fun in a diferent way

    What sort of $$ are you looking at spending for the kids? my daughter started on an XR 80 at about 10 i think and she is a short ass.
  7. The XR is an older line of bike that is very reliable but hasn't undergone many changes in the last decade or so. So it's heavier, less power and lower quality components.
    The motocross bikes on the other hand are built for racing. Are more powerful with a more aggressive power delivery, suspensions designed for jumping and are very light weight.

    I'd start the kids off on something like an XR first. If they jump straight on an 80cc 2 stroke they're likely to neck themselves.
  8. I got my kids (2 girls aged 11 & 13) an XR80 to teach them how to ride and it has proven a winner! I've also been teaching my partners nephews, same age as mine, and they all now know some basics and are having a ball on it!

    Only initial drawback was teaching them how to kick start it! (Lightweight girls stalling bike at far end of 50 acre block and not being able to start it is a pain, but they've mastered that now) :grin:
  9. We had a YZ80, CR80 & 125 when we were growing up.

    However, my brother was sponsored by Honda Faktory... So we got cheap bikes, once he got on the 80, damn him not racing anymore...

    Anyway, nothing EVER were wrong with any of them. & the YZ was older than my brother I think!
  10. I have a 2000 XR100 in the shed. Bloody good bike for kids and small people. 4 stroke is the way to go for a farm bike, lasts longer, holds it's value.

    The chinese bikes are ok if you are handy with a spanner and are prepared to do a little modification before they get ridden too hard. Throw em away after a while though