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Dirt bikes around sydney?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by conspiracytheorist, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all. I'm planning on teaching my friend how to ride some and then take him dirt bike riding. Now I haven't ridden offroad before either and don't know any places around sydney.

    Some sort of club or organisation that caters for newbie riders would be perfect. I've tried to sort through the massive cache of links to find something around sydney for what I'm looking for, but to no avail..

    Could someone give me some info about dirtbike riding close-ish to sydney, places that lend you the stuff you need, general costs,etc etc.
  2. I have heard BMW do a great one, don't know if they come to NSW or not, cost is around $900 but they give you a F650 for the weekend.

    Courses are also held a couple times a year around NSW, but don't know if they provide you a bike. See www.offroadriding.com.au

    And HART do a course up at St Ives - I think it was around $300 for the day and they do provde you with a bike. Give them a call and see
  3. Wow expensive. Was hoping to spend like $150 for the day, including gear. But I guess I'd have to go further away from sydney to get that.

    Getting a semi-clapped out dirt bike as a project is becoming more appealing.. but that would be silly before I've actually tried it!

    I remember at school, crusader camps or something ran weekend riding camps for pretty cheapish, maybe I'll stinge myself into one of those.