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Dirt bike training for (newish) road riders?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by Devion, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Hi guys

    I've been riding for about 6 months now and was looking for extra rider training. Hope it never happens while I'm on the road, but I wanted to get some training to understand what it feels like to get a bike all crossed up (and how to *potentially* recover it) in a safe environment.

    I saw this article about a dirt bike training school in the States which is particularly aimed at improving the skills of road riders:


    I've tried to use the google on the interweb, and do a search on this site but have drawn blanks... does anyone know of a provider of this sort of course in Victoria, or done one themselves?

  2. Get your hands on a Dual purpose bike and come out in the boonies with me,
    Im not a trainer by any means but I get my big KLR into allsorts of funny angles whilst out on the tracks.

    Has really helped my road skills too, especially commuting the blackspur in the snow with knobbies :shock:
  3. I think there is a Bmw one that's run in a few states. I too looked into this late last year but didn't get around to it due to work commitments.

    if u type "offroad riding school" into Google Aus it comes up with a few, but would be good to hear recommendations anyone has for certain places.
  4. this wasnt brought on by off a few weeks ago? :p

    my best advise is to look for a soft muddy ditch to land in....
  5. Stephen Gall and Yamaha used to run off road skill schools.
    He's been around the scene for many years. :)
  6. Hey Devion - I suggest heading out with someone with off-road experience. Head somewhere to simple to start with, listen to what you're taught, get a feel for it and work your way up from there.

    My VTR250 has performed pretty well during its off-road ventures - longest stretch of dirt I've done is Barry Way and that freakin rocked! I've found that my experience offroad has helped onroad in certain conditions and this is especially noticeable in my riding and sliding on wet/slippery bitumen.

    As for courses:

    BMW : http://www.motorcycles.bmw.com.au/scripts/main.asp?PageID=15831&PID=60

    and Yamaha: (Vic dates are on the right).

  7. I dont see how riding off road helps with road riding, i went into the outback and when i got into Coober Pedey after a 9 days of nothing i was on the wrong side fo the road because i wa used to no traction, panicking because there were cars comong from everywhere there were hundreds of them :shock: . :LOL:

    I thinkthe BMW one is more focused on adventure riding ie. not crossed up and tech skills, id call some of the bigger MX tracks and see what they offer in the way of trail bike riding.
  8. Hiya,
    Wombat Forest, up Near Gisbone, has some excellent open dirt roads, fire trails and rutted single track, and everything in between, tends to be dryer than elsewere, good place to play and learn..
    ping me a PM if you want to go for a ride up there, i have my bike back and hope to get there a little bit more..
  9. Hey Al, I'm keen to play. Got the DR now. I did a day up at Wombat last week and fell off 3 times! Loved it though, I think I'm hooked.
  10. Check out:


    They're based at the Sunshine Coast, but Todd says that he's planning a trip down south in Vic around easter this year:


    I haven't done the course yet, but am booked in to do it next weekend, hiring one of his KLR500's. From what I've heard the course is supposedly pretty good. I've got my fingers crossed!
  11. just get out and ride mate. if ya dont have anyone to ride with just post up on here or DBW and you will get a few.

    i ride dirt and live not to far from you so if ya want to go for a gentle ride pm as i might be free (when i getthe kato up and going)

    training is overrated ... learn some bad habbits lol
  12. I'll throw a quick plug in for Rider Bros. They do off-road riding days. A few of us did one last year.

    Great bunch of guys, they're happy to take riders of any level, whether they've ridden dirt or not, and have 125's, 230's and 250's, both trailie and enduro so your height/skill can be accommodated. They catered the ride to the lowest skill level, no pressure. Provide lunch and 4WD backup etc.

    Great day. Still haven't been able to convince the s/o that we need dirt bikes yet... Might have to do another one of these soon!