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Dirt Bike Trails?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sambo_25, May 22, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    First post here-I was just hoping if you guys could give me some advice. I live in Melbourne and was wondering where a good place is to learn to ride a dirt bike. Eg// bike trails - Being only 17 I don't have a license so take that into account. Any ideas?

    Thanks, any help is much appreciated.
  2. Hey,

    I think you'll find there aren't many dirt riders around on netrider. You might want to try Dirt Bike World. It's an Australian site and I'm sure there's more but it's the only one I know of.

    Though if any netrider members are reading this some information about the trail riding situation around Melbourne (or just in general) would be appreciated.

  3. all national parks/state forest etc are out, as are all roads, dirt or tar.

    you are probably stuck finding someone with a bit of land they don't mind you using and needing a trailer/ute to get the bike there.
  4. I believe there is a track for MX and teens at Frankston close to the freeway and the BMX track.
  5. There are plenty of great tracks in the state parks around Anglesea ,lorne and forrest ,we go riding out there all the time and have never seen a parks man or any coppers .Ask some of the locals in the area where to go ,maybe at the servos. I find that the dirt bike riders are really firendly and helpful . They have tought me heaps .
    All the road riders seem to be already in there tight groups and have no room for inexperienced riders wanting to learn .Stick with the dirt bike unless you want to be a lone rider like me .
  6. Parks are ok, chances of getting caught are slim, i know i shouldnt say that but.........when i was living in bendigo we rode in national parks all the time, not a hint of a copper and if you do see them and they in a car, they got no chance of catching you anyway!

    dont listen to my advice it is bad, very bad, let the reprocussion begin!
  7. Just make you dont go to the back of Anglesea on a sunday ,thats the only time the coppers are around and on dirt bikes too .So stay away from there if you dont have much experience at getting away.
  8. You really want to know the terrain too before attempting a runner, if you dont and you gte caught (like a number of my friends) they tend to throw the book a lot harder!!
  9. I remember this thread coming up a while ago and there was some talk about while it's rare to run into them most of the bike cops being of a better than average standard and that it's not worth trying to escape. What are people's experiences here if the recommendation is riding in state/national parks anyway?
  10. Whe i was around 15 to 18 we went riding in state parks all the time. I know a lot of my mates got busted, but usually on the sections of road between bush areas, ie crossing roads and shit. We got chased once by two coppers on xr600s, and even though we were on 80s(2 strokes) we all managed to evade, BTW we knew the areas like the back of our hands, so the advantage of hammering round and knowing whats coming(sounds stupid i know)but yeah, i think the closer you are too melbourne the harder it will be! so in my opinion head out the bush somewhere, towards bendigo or echuca or something, some big state parks for blasting in, and next to no chance of the fuzz.
  11. The chances of getting caught by the Police may be slim but that shouldn't be your biggest concern. The whole reason we have licences and rego of offroad vehicles is to provide insurance in the event of a serious accident. Without the above you'll have no TAC coverage and you could be liable for damages if you have a multiple vehicle accident. Now sadly these are reasonably common because of the limited forward vision on many of the tracks. We also share most of the good tracks with 4x4s, horses and other bikers of course.
    So while the less educated in here might be saying 'Go for it', my advice would be don't listen to these morons.
    There are plenty of motocross tracks where you can hone your skills in safety until you're ready to sit for your licence. There are 2 at Bacchus Marsh, 1 in Frankston, 1 in Nunawading, 1 in Rosebud, 1 in Broadmeadows and plenty more. For a small fee you can ride to your hearts content without fear of reprisal and in the event you crash (which is very likely for a beginner) then help isn't far away. You don't have this safety net in the bush. This is the main reason why the majority of us veterans ride in groups. However you'll find most organised groups won't allow unrego/licenced people to join in as it's a hassle and promotes bad behaviour.
  12. Thanks heaps for the help guys. Much appreciated :)
  13. I would be listening to outbreakmonkey here,half the trail bike cops are ex enduro guys,these boys ride thru the bush,flat out,for hours on end,for fun, :grin: while doing enduro racing,just happens to be their day job as well for the lucky ones. :cool:

    There used to be a trailbike tour company that takes rides in the high plains,was run by the guy who trains the trailbike cops,Klaus something his name was,he,s a cop too from memory.To those who have been the "fish that got away" :squid: ( \:D/ yeah,finally found a thread relevant nuff to use that useless squid icon,albeit not a fish,but who cares,close nuff),reckon there would be a lot more who where the catch of the day by the XR650 boyz.
    There are local trailbike tracks,Im in eastern suburbs and theres trailwheels next to Burwood tip.You can run the risk of riding in da eorge Bush,as we did for years,but again as mentioned,tis all bout the insurance.
    My mate stacked while trail riding,did his knee,had to get 4wd ambo in,copped 2 grand plus in expenses for ambo,loss of licence,1000 buck plus fine,and this was in Toolangi,100km from CBD.What area are you in?
  14. The correct answer is some national parks you can ride a bike in, as well as a 4x4, it just depends which one. Most State Forests you can always ride a bike or a 4wd in if you stay on the marked routes.
    The people at the website below are the experts, they know all the places you can legally ride and are also continually trying to open up new off road areas for bikes.


    You should also ask at your local bike shop about off road riding clubs in your area, many of them cater for beginners on registered or unregistered bikes.

    I don't know the Melbourne off roading scene, but assume it's the same as in Sydney, plenty of places to ride that are not generally advertised outside of the local riding clubs.

    I am sure there must be quite a few Internet forums for Melbourne off roading.

    Doubtless the local KTM shop will also have some information to help you.

    Have fun.
    Wear the right gear, a t-shirt and jeans is not enough. Helmet, gloves, elbow and knee armour and motocross boots at a minimum.
  15. long time ago, I had received a $500 fine for no licence, riding around labertouche (bunyip state forest), i had a full drivers licence and the bike i was on was reg'd. I learnt something new that day, unless u ride on private land, you need a licence for everywhere else.. but as some have said, some state forest areas you will never see a cop.. but the hard part i guess for you is getting your bike to a state forest, most require a 1 - 2 hr drive depending on where you live.
  16. Umm Ok I did not anticipate that Sambo would not have a bike licence.

    If you DO NOT have a bike lic then don't ride on the trails in the National Parks and State Forests.

    They are still public roads, even if dirt.

    The people I listed above will know the places one can ride unregistered and unlicenced.