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NSW Dirt bike suitable for 14 yo to learn on

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Dunx-HG, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Looking for a 100cc ish dirt/trail/farm bike for my daughter to learn on. Older jap bike trail/farm bike would do the trick. Not much budget but don't want Chinese junk...

    Cheers Dunx
  2. So many people want these sorts of things that the only thing you will find is old and very mistreated.

    In the end it will be no better than the chinese junk.
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  3. Old pre-powervalve 500 two-stroke with tobacco tin drum brakes sounds like the go ;).
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  4. Dunx, my colleague at work here has dirt bikes for his daughter (14ish now) and son (13 ish), they've basically lost interest as i understand it. One Honda (maybe the crf80 small wheel) and one Kwacka (100cc i think). I know they're both very clean as i've seen them, i'll ask what he's up to with them and send you a pm.
  5. Cheers
  6. No, you don't want Chinese junk. I got talked into buying a cheap 125 chinese thing off ebay. Less than $500 brand new, and a complete pile of shit. First time out, the battery holder broke apart, kickstart snapped, handlebars bent after a very low speed drop into soft dirt and bits were coming off all over the place. Would not recommend to anyone. Good luck finding something more Japanese.
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  7. Yep - hell they have to be crap at that price eh.
  8. Message MadAss, shes selling her Yamaha rt100.....looks clean and very cheap.

    Message her NOW :)....
  9. Good, I was just going to post this myself. So yep message @MadAzz300
  10. Dunx, my colleague's daughters bike is a Yamaha YZ 85 2007 big wheel. Clean, he's looking for $2.5K. Pm me if you want details/pics, no stress either way mate.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. That'd be a fun bike - might not be ideal as a learner though and a bit more than my daughters budget. :)
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  12. No problem Mate, hope you get something decent worked out for her. All the best.
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