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Dirt Bike Riding in Toolangi!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by presti, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. #1 presti, Jul 7, 2012
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    G'day guys and Gals.

    Today i went dirt bike riding in Toolangi (Near Healsville) and it was AWESOME! I ride a 1980 XL250s which is somewhat a classic sort after bike especially in the states. It goes really well up there - not too much power that you spin.

    Anyway, was up there with 2 mates (one on a 2007 KTM 250 2 stroke and one on a 2001 i think 450 4 stroke) and we had a ball!

    It's hard for me though the dirt bike has a 24 inch front tire and it's more of a road tire also, so there is no grip out there in the clay, where ever the rut wanted me i'd go haha! I had a few moments - a lot of footage. But these 2 are the best of the best really :)
    2 vid's i'd like to share:

    [URL="]First Big Crash[/URL]

    My mate went too hot into a puddle, lost vision from the water and ended up being shoved up a rut and into a tree! Big Bang! He is alright hurt his knee but kept on going like a trooper. If you put it to HD 1080 and full screen, turn it up a bit you can hear it. There is condensation on the cover of hte camera as it was around 1 degree this morning when riding. He just smashed the front headlight and plastics.

    [URL="]My Crash[/URL] was a rookie error. The breaks don't work too well on the old bike which i'm going to have a look at tomorrow but i took the wrong path - had no brakes and got tangled up with loose rocks. Didn't look too bad as it wasn't huge but just a nice rock to the ribs. Bent my foot shifter and cracked some plastic.

    All in all - a lovely area to ride the dirt bike!
  2. It's great out there, isn't it? I go shooting in there pretty often - never ridden a dirtbike through there though. Looks pretty fun. And well set up too - great car parking area for trailered bikes.
  3. yeah its very well set up. the carpark we stopped in had around 12-13 trailer parking and a toilet, map and a code for emergencies for ambo's and cops. Very nice area. Beautiful infact :)
  4. Oh man, I work for 000 and you having noticed those emergency markers has made my day.
  5. ah really? thats a hard job no doubt!

    yeah mate i'm fairly good with noticing names and emergency locations. You have to know that stuff but i bet 99% of people don't that call!
  6. yeah great spot, i ride there regularly.
    prefer kinglake though.

    i started last year on an 1986 xr250. loved that tractor. now ride a wr250f.

    first mof you want to do is piss of those road/trails for a good set of knobbies. it makes a massive difference. (though nothing gets grip in clay).
    then track down an xr carby to let that bike breather (the xl was a restricted xr).

    the breaks.... well it runs drums, not much you can do. especially when riding in puddles
    but dont worry about it. you shouldnt be using much brake anyway. especially the front... and i actually prefered the drum rear of the xr to the disc on the wr..... you have more play before ou lock the rear.
  7. Nah, they don't. Can't blame them at all, but can get a little frustrating.

    "I'm getting shot at!" *Bang-Thwack Bang-Thwack*
    "Where are you?"
    "Near Melbourne"

    Ah well. Has its tricky moments, but it's easily one of the best jobs I've had. Anyway. Got any piccies of Toolangi?
  8. im up there occasionaly. great riding :D