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dirt bike... questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by russ, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. I'm looking to purchase a 2nd hand dirt bike (250). but really don't know a bloody thing about them. So I was hoping people with more exerience could give me a heads up as to what to expect.

    I'm not looking to spend a whole bunch on it since it will only be a casual thing (definately keeping the SV :idea: ). We have a little XT250 but bought that new... but the question that comes straight to mind is: is it worth buying a 2nd hand dirt bike? Im seeing 1980 xt250s advertised for $3k, whereas the new is $6k. plainly ridiculous.

    what kind of % of these bikes will be rooted by the time they're up for sale (as compared to the sportsbikes)?
    i'm not set on any type/brand I only mentioned the xt coz we have one, I'm also not convinced I need a road registerable one.

    I haven't really considered this question but: would a 125 (for dirt use) stack up for a newbie rider - I'm buying this bike with the knowledge that very inexperienced mates will get to try on it. It is supposed to be a play bike rather than for serious bush riding

    any thoughts would be truly appreciated
  2. For mine the TTr, but i am biased, 1998 onwrds they have not really changed, not many parts as not many stop, loads of options, in stock trim they go around the broadmedows track well, seen a few for sale for 2-3k, side note would be a rego version may not have had a lot dirt / track time, goes for most bikes i guess..?? others thoughts here...? although they are a tall bike to sit on, just rolled over 37k all good. re the milage on the ones you might look at.. loads of XR250's around as well, most mates have had one or more of these.. have fun.. when your sorted give me a yell all ways up for a little duel sport off road fun..
  3. thanks for the reply :)
    yeh have been looking at the ttr...

    still wanting any info people can give me :grin:
  4. TTR 250, get the later model one (blue), the early ones ONLY had button start.
    XR250, get the 96 onwards, they were basicaly a whole new engine over the earlier ones, watch out for grey imports.
    DRZ dont know a lot but haven't heard any bad reports.
    KLX steel tank from memory, normaly a bit cheaper as the Kawas aren't that popular.
    RMX pretty good, watch out for normal engine problems asociated with any 2 stroke.

    I could keep going on forever, what sort of riding are you planning on?
  5. If you live in Vic you can use recreational registration to ride in state forests. It's about $80 a year vs the 3-4 hundred for full rego.
    Under Rec Rego you can register any bike provided it meets a few criteria like headlight and tail light. All the info is on Vicroads website.

    There used to be two categories of dirt bike. Motocross and Trail. Now the manufacturers have realised that riders want the advantages of a light motocross bike without all the crap on trail bikes. So the 'enduro' market was born. They're basically a race(motocross) bike with lights and slightly softer suspension.
    The XR/TTR/DRZ market bracket are great if you're a slow rider who doesn't like doing maintenance and just likes to get out and have the occasional fang . But if you want to go seriously quick and have a nice light bike with heaps of grunt they just don't cut it.

    I wanted a bike that would still rip it up on a motocross track and also have some fun on the trails. So I bought a motocross bike and made a few modifications to tame it for the bush and allow it to be registered.
  6. exactly how much riding you will be doing and what type of riding will determine whate your are after. id being going for a four stroke for user friendlyness. two strokes are great - but can be a pain in the arse if your not mechanically minded. also tend to be very on/off in their power delivery. dont bother with a 125, you'll want a 250 minimum. those xt's they call farm bikes.

    buying a dirt bike is no different from any other bike - some good some bad, you just have to be careful. but dirtbikes are pretty tough - they are made to be thrashed.

    as above is about right for catagories.

    dualsport - great fun off road and very good manners on road. hardly the fastest bikes out there but this means next to no maintenance. road registerable. can handle a motocross track but set up pretty soft and heavy.
    main bikes are - honda xr / suzuki drz / yamaha ttr / kawasaki klx

    trail/enduro - the best fun you will have trail/bush riding. plenty fast and love wheelies. still easy too ride but not much chop on the road. love a motocross track. require lots of maintenace usually based on engine running hours. road registerable.
    main bikes are - honda crfx / yamaha wrf

    motox - stupid fun. accelerate and wheelie like crazy, but are geared short with less top speed. even more maintenance if anything also based on engine hours. usually cheaper than the similar enduro option. illegal to ride in the bush or on road. not road registerable.
    main bikes are - honda crfr, yamaha yzf, suzuki rmz, kawasaki kxf

    the wrf250 is probably the pick of the bunch if you will never ride on the road. can be rec registered for cheap. will be king of the trail and kick ass on the motox track still. if its not going to be used on road you can then rip off the mirror and all the lights and it pretty unbreakable then. should be able to pick up an early 2000 for about $5000.
  7. interestingly enough, that trail /enduro road legal category is pretty unique to australia. most countries make you jump to hoops to register them for road/trail useas they dont come with blikers and brake lights etc.
  8. If you just want a play bike, (although in a good riders hands they will do far more than most realise)...get a Yamaha DT 175.
    Bullet proof engines, and a very usable spread of two stroke power.
    In tight riding I blast away from my mates on heavier four stroke 250's and 600's.
    You can find DT 175's fairly cheap. Probably under two grand used.
    They are road legal.
  9. hi guys,

    thanks for the replies, all very useful. I'm not looking to go motox, just looking for a slightly more off road experience than the Sv provides.

    will have a look at the said options.

    ahh the joys of buying motorbikes :grin:
  10. Don't worry about getting a good one mate - a beaten up old dirt bike will do ya just fine!

    I'm sort of looking around the $500 mark!
  11. An XR - nearly bullet proof
    XT - cheaper but not quite as reliable


  12. did u end up getting a bike?