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(Dirt) Bike Park - Ulladulla area? (Calling _joel_)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by daewoo, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Heading down to Lake Tabourie for a couple of night with my family and a mates family.

    I would like to take my XR down, but my mate only has unregistered bikes, and his son is to young for a licence.

    Are there any dirt bike parks within range of Ulladulla/Lake Tabourie?

  2. ummmm trying to think about it, theres forests i think like 50 k's south or so of ulladulla, was there for a rally, had to keep kicking dirtbikers out off the track (speeding cars)

    looked fun for the bikes, more fun for the cars
  3. unfortunately, due to litigation etc. there are very few areas that you can legally ride.
    best to find private property (mine is 150kms south of batemans bay) to ride on.
    normally i'd say head out the back of termeil, or monkey mountain, but at this time of year, it will be heavily patrolled :(
  4. Probably Termeil , SKDAC used to run a few small rallies out of Jerawongola, just south of Wandandian, but now they run a big event at Termeil which goes up that far...

    I am a former State Class Rally Champion, and yes, I think it is more fun in cars (sacrilege on here I guess :LOL: ), but just too damn expensive..

    I don't think my mate would be willing to risk taking his son out where it was illegal... I remember there was a place called Bike Farm or something not far south of Nowra, but thought there might be others...

    150Km south of Batemans would be almost Bega, 80km Batemans to Narooma, and 80km from Narooma to Bega if I remember correctly... I used to direct the Narooma Booma rally a few years ago...

    Anyway, thanks for your input...