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Dirt bike insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sfmx, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. I've been putting together some info on Dirt Bike Insurance and what seems to be a common theme among insurers is that what you are actually insured for is very limited.

    • Your dirt bike or ATV must be chained up when not in use.
    • Your dirt bike or ATV must be chained up and in a secured building when at your place of residence.
    • Your dirt bike or ATV is not insured if used in any competition event.
    • If the bike is stolen there must be visible evidence of violent and/or forcible entry
    • Events such as war, natural disasters or acts of terrorism are not covered by insurance.

    So I ask, what is the chance of your bike being stolen if it is chained up and locked in your garage or shed?

    Why do finance companies insist on dirt bikes or ATV's being insured if under finance when the insurance cover is so limited?
  2. Hey guys, I won't introduce myself or tell any interesting information of how or why I ride a bike, he'll I won't even tell you which part of our great land I come from.
    But I'll sure as hell use my first post to pose a question and expect some civilized and friendly information and or answers.

    Or are you a troll?
    FFS it's not even winter yet and we are getting the same old shite
    Have I missed something or maybe I'm beige?

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  3. no you havent missed anything cam,

    SFMX, why dont you introduce yourself in the phucking right thread man...... Jeebus H Tapdancing Phucking christ mate, and get some manners while your there

    *best soup nazi voice* ..... NO NODS FOR YOU

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  4. :rofl: sorry I can't help it :rofl:
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  5. Joes being Mr Diplomatic!
  6. Yes, before you get true entry into beige you must immediately conform to the protocol of the flock of sheep that is netrider. So before you get a civilised reply from someone you must post in a forum which only two people ever read anyway. I don't know how you could be so rude or rebellious against society sfmx because we certainly don't tolerate that here. The most we dabble in is sometimes imagining what it would be like to rebel against the established order and that's normally enough to cause a premature ejaculation.

    In answer to your question, dirtbikes are commonly stolen, often occurs in waves in a given area by thieves who have nothing better to do than try and ruin other peoples lives. Over a previous year or two, two areas south of sydney have been targetted - Yallah and Heathcote. Problem with dirt bikes is most don't need a key so any fool can walk up and kickstart the bike - makes them extremely susceptible to theft. It's also very hard to track down as most bikes are never registered. Moral of the story is if you don't have a chain and your bike gets stolen, find one pronto and get a grinder onto it.

    As for the last three points, they are standard for any bike/car/house insurance. They don't always apply though.
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  7. Thanks Lilley!
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  8. If you aren't beige you are a very pale brown colour, bro.

    sfmx seems to have posted some information which may or may not be of interest to some people. More importantly, he created a thread that does not seem to be about atgatt, which is a positive thing. And some of you had to go all insecure and weird because he didn't tell you his life story. :nopity:
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  9. It is atgatt for the bike though, isn't it?

    The insurer needs to make money every day so that you don't have a massive hole every once in a while. If they insured un-chained, un-registered dirt bikes it would be pretty exy and nobody would buy that insurance. But if they offer reasonable insurance with a few conditions then people will buy it -- pretty simple.

    The finance guys don't want to chase you down. If you need to borrow money for a $5k bike they are going to want to be able to just take the bike if you don't pay -- but if the bike is nicked that becomes pretty hard. They are not going to hire a lawyer (or a wharfy) to get back $5k so it becomes "no insurance, no finance".

    Call me beige but don't ever borrow money for a freaking hobby. Transport is maybe justifiable (if it is going to get you to a job or study). As it is a hobby just get a crappy bike and the hobby becomes keeping it running (which is still good fun).
  10. Good God SNFX, don't you realise that internet forums are very very very serious business and, even though millions have died to protect the right express what you feel, you can't just come waltzing in here and start off with such a controversial topic as insurance....and to make matters worse it was dirt bike insurance. OMG, I nearly fainted at your sheer audacity and I hardly sept a wink last night wondering how anyone could be so cheeky and bold as to perform a stunt like that.
    You may new to motorcyle forums so I've taken the liberty to prepare a simple table as a guide to your future exploits..

    0 - 10 posts.
    Things like..."hi guys, I ride a (insert bike model here) and I just love it.." "I don't like riding in the rain" "I went to visit Nana today. She lives in (insert town or suburb here) and I was very tired when I got back" "it's lovely day for a ride" Stuff like that. Keep it simple.

    11 - 50 posts.
    Now that the forum dwellers have got to know you a bit you start with some more deeper topics such as... "how long should my back tyre last" "I've noticed that the faster I ride, the more fuel I use" . At this stage you should be able to start posting links to newspapers and television programs but try not to have an opinion just yet as you're going so well and you don't want to offend anyone.

    51 - 100 posts.
    Great, you've made it past 50....time to spread your wings a little. You should now be able to offer your opinions to more controversial threads about topics such as close calls, smidsy, filtering, insurance and riding apparel.

    101 - 500 posts
    You're going well but still try to keep it simple. Try starting some threads about what bike you're going to buy next, getting caught speeding by the police, how you rode in a tshirt etc. but remember that you're still a newcomer so don't get too creative with your posts as this may be considered a bit to sassy for the forum elders.

    501 plus posts.
    About now you should be feeling like you own the f**kng place. Feel free to consider the forum to be an extension to your life. Claim it as your personal space and defend it it great vigor. Chastise any new folk for not following your guidelines.

    Always remember that the more posts you have, the more important you are. People with one post such as yourself have no right to start topics such as this in public forums. Please remember this in the future.
    Good luck.
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  11. You guys are a crack up.
  12. See in red

    **This is not personal advice and should not be relied upon whatsoever
  13. :rofl: stop it please :rofl: you hear me, stop it...:rofl:
  14. It's called manners. Geeze some folks! I've really got a few backs up here eh?
    And I'm supposed to be insecure?

    Any word from the op?
    Thought not.
    Go ahead flame away.
    Btw there's a great ride on next Weds folks if you are up for some dirt!

  15. Maybe they thought anyone dumb enough to take a loan out on a depreciating toy wouldnt be smart enough to read the PDS.
  16. You'd send the prestige car and new bike sellers to the wall you anticapitilist you. :angel:
  17. I wanna feel important too! Please see the BLUE..

  18. If you know of insurers that don't have these terms why don't you just say who... isn't that what the OP is after?
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  19. You left out...

    5000 plus posts.
    About now you're beginning to worry you're life is revolving around the forum, you're getting carpal tunnel syndrome from all the typing and you eat plus go to the toilet with a portable device browsing Netrider and you're looking for a water proof tablet so you can try and catch up to Hornets post count.

    20000 plus posts.
    You ARE Hornet and you know that the wannabe Hornets with their measly 5,000 post counts will never catch you because you secretly have a troop of monkeys typing 24/7 in a hidden bunker ghost writing for you to maintain your post count rate.
  20. Actually... I dare say that 0's should be added to each of those numbers :D